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Who are my new contacts? Your contacts remain the same. All Trade Customers 25 June 2021
Do I now need to order Lion Hudson books from somewhere else? No. Lion Hudson books remain at Marston (UK orders and world excluding North America). As the SPCK sales team already carries out UK sales representation for Lion Hudson, you can continue to order in the normal way. All Trade Customers 25 June 2021
Do I now need to order SPCK books from somewhere else? No. The process remains the same. All Trade Customers 25 June 2021
I’m a UK trade customer – how will this affect my terms? We will be looking to align terms in due course and will do so in consultation with customers. Our approach here will be about simplifying terms rather than reducing discounts. UK Trade Customers 25 June 2021
Will this change of ownership affect the ethos of SPCK? No. The SPCK Group remains committed to being a broad-based publishing group in which different imprints can thrive with distinct identities. All Trade Customers 25 June 2021
Will this change of ownership affect the ethos of the Lion Hudson imprints? No. The SPCK Group has a strong track record of enabling imprints to retain their individual identities, as has been seen from their merger with Inter-Varsity Press a few years ago. IVP has remained a conservative evangelical publisher but has benefited from the SPCK Group’s financing, reach and expertise. All Trade Customers 25 June 2021
I’m a supplier – how will this affect me? We will be reviewing our supplier base in due course, but we expect to continue to work with a wide range of suppliers to support our ambitious growth plans. We will be seeking to consolidate work in some areas so that we can offer more work to suppliers who can offer us the best prices and services. We look forward to hearing any suggestion you have. All Suppliers 25 June 2021
What are the Terms and Conditions of the SPCK Group Christmas 2021 Promotion? All the Ts&Cs are laid out in the Promotion Pack which was given out at the Trade Zoom presentation on 24 June. If you were not able to attend the Zoom and want to get the Promotion, we’d be delighted to send it to you! We can also send you a recording of the 24 June presentation. Please email sales@spck.org.uk and we will send it through right way. Please note that initial orders for the Christmas Promotion must reach sales@spck.org.uk by 15 August 2021. All Trade Customer 25 June 2021
What is happening with the Lion Hudson Consignment programme? With the shifting sands of the past couple of years, we need to take a good look at what will work best to support the Trade looking to the future and enable our books to reach the widest possible audience. We are absolutely focused on supporting and serving the Trade. In fact, we are bolstering our seasonal Trade promotions. We want to give the Trade better promotions than ever before!  Promotions will now include some New titles, excellent Terms, initiatives to encourage customers to come into bricks + mortar shops, point of sale for shop windows, etc. The Consignment programme that has been around for years, being used by fewer and fewer shops along with time-consuming admin will be withdrawn. We’ll work with bookshops to settle up the Consignment account and at the same time ensure your normal Trade account is up and running so you can keep buying from Marston. All Previous Lion Hudson Trade Customers 25 June 2021