The Lion Graphic Bible: An epic, comic-book retelling of the Bible for teenagers

29 June 2021

‘Will undoubtedly attract thousands of children, boys in particular, who would otherwise never have touched the Good Book.’

The Sunday telegraph

We have a fantastic new edition of the popular and beautifully illustrated The Lion Graphic Bible .

The Lion Graphic Bible is a highly original interpretation of the Bible that is an ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel.

Illustrated and written in a dynamic graphic-novel style by illustrator Jeff Anderson, best known for his work on the Judge Dredd comic series, and author Mike Maddox.

Remaining true to the story of the Bible, The Lion Graphic Bible is a comprehensive retelling of the Old and New Testament, truly capturing the emotions and characters within the stories and making them engrossing. The Bible is a unique narrative of origins and cosmic powers; of the ageless battle between good and evil; of human potential and human treachery – the very stuff that graphic novels are made of. 

Successfully published for over 40 years, refreshed with new covers to reach the next generation of readers. Available in hardback here and paperback here.

The Lion Graphic Bible

The Lion Graphic Bible

By Jeff Anderson and Mike Maddox

  • For young teens
  • This graphic Bible comes from Marvel artist Jeff Anderson
  • An engaging and eye-catching take on the stories of the Bible
  • An ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel

What others are saying:

‘Jeff Anderson’s stunning pictures literally cover every page with glorious images, while Mike Maddox’s text successfully preserves the epic tone…’ 

The Guardian

Captures both the drama and the spirituality of the Bible in a way that more conventional retellings rarely manage.’ 

The Daily Telegraph

‘Superbly illustrated and comprehensive in its scope…’ 

Times Educational Supplement

‘Quite simply brilliant! … a powerful 256-page package which is sure to communicate well to this most visually-orientated generation.’


About the author and illustrator:

Mike Maddox

Mr Mike Maddox

Mike Maddox is a freelance writer. Apart from comics, Mike has written six Doctor Who audio adventures and won a New York Radio Award for his play “Mayflies,” which starred Derek Jacobi, and Jason Isaacs. Married with two children, Mike is currently preparing for life as a vicar’s spouse. He thought The Lion Graphic Bible might take six months. He still finds this funny.

Mr Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson is a leading graphic novel artist, best known for his work for Marvel on Transformers and on Judge Dredd. Illustrator of the Angouleme Prize winning Graphic Bible. Readers of Comic World voted him runner-up in the best artist category for his Legends of Larian books. He lives with his wife and five children in Durham, England and is a licenced Lay Reader.