The Best New Books to Read in Spring 2021!

8 April 2021

Lion Hudson’s Spring Books Preview

Spring has finally sprung! Lockdown is slowly lifting and next week you’ll be able buy one of our new books in a real bookshop! Discover some of our most anticipated books to add to your spring reading list. From charming picture books to beautifully illustrated Bibles to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, we have a book everyone in the family will enjoy.

Enjoy browsing our new spring books collection below!

New Adult Springtime Reads

New Spring Books

Books Out Now!

Daughters of Eve by Martyn Whittock

Daughters of Eve

Women of the Bible

by Martyn Whittock and Esther Whittock

Women play an immensely important role in the Bible: from Eve to the Virgin Mary, Sarah to Mary Magdalene, Naomi to the anonymous woman suffering severe menstrual bleeding who was healed by Jesus. They are a sisterhood of faith.

Renowned historians and Biblical scholars, Martyn and Esther Whittock, take the reader on a fascinating journey, one unafraid to ask difficult questions, such as, ‘Was Eve set up to fall?

The End of Law by Therese Down

The End of Law

A novel of Hitler’s Germany
by Thérèse Down

This dark, tense novel is a compelling story of human tragedy, and man’s potential to revel in, or fight against, the evil actions of a corrupted nation.

A gripping tale that sheds new light on one of the darkest periods in history.”
Laura Shepperson, the Historical Novel Society

Coming Soon!

Straight to the Heart of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

Straight to the Heart of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

60 Bite-Sized Insights

by Phil Moore

Jeremiah and Ezekiel are among the most neglected treasures of the Bible.

A new favourite in the bestselling Straight to the Heart series. Phil Moore’s devotional commentaries will change your life. His bite-sized chapters are punchy and relevant, yet crammed with fascinating scholarship. Welcome to a new way of reading the Bible. Welcome to the Straight to the Heart series.

Summer's out at Hope Hall by Pam Rhodes

Summer’s out at Hope Hall

by Pam Rhodes

SUMMER’S OUT AT HOPE HALL is a fun and deeply moving story that celebrates the power of hope.

“In this delightful tale of Kath Sutton and the motley bunch ofcharacters revolving around the community hall she runs, Pam lives shared and burdens carried. Summer’s Out at Hope Hall is one of those novels that helps you hear laughter in the darkness, reminding you that the sun really will rise tomorrow.” Sheridan Voysey, BBC Radio 2 presenter and author of Reflect with Sheridan

Mosaic by Chris Aslan


Life in pieces
by Chris Aslan

A new book full of miracles from the renowned author of Alabaster.

“If you have ever wondered how you might have felt and reacted had you lived in Palestine and heard tales about a wonderful ‘Teacher’ performing miracles down in Galilee, you will definitely enjoy this book.” Farifteh V. Robb, author of In the Shadow of the Shahs

Wonders of the Living World

Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life
by Ruth Bancewicz and Danny Allison

Beautifully and creatively illustrated, Wonders of the Living World will inspire curiosity and amazement, and prove a fascinating guide to your thinking about the meaning of life.

Watch Wonders of the Living World book trailer here.

Jesus: The unauthorized biography by Martyn Whittock and Esther Whittock

Jesus: The Unauthorized Biography

by Martyn Whittock and Esther Whittock

Who was Jesus Christ, and how did he make such an astonishing impact that still resonates today?

“This is a well-researched but wonderfully readable account of the peerless figure of Jesus of Nazareth, setting him firmly in the history and context of his day. It will broaden the understanding of the faithful and help sharpen the issues for the sceptical.” Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England

Route 66 2nd Edition A Crash Course in Navigating Life With The Bible

Route 66 2nd Edition

A Crash Course in Navigating Life With The Bible
by Krish Kandiah

The intention of this book is to teach Christians how to use the Bible to live well.

It has eight sections and each provides an introduction to a different kind of literature within the Bible and follows with questions for discussion and five days of daily readings.

The Thorn of Truth S.L. Russel

The Thorn of Truth

by S.L. Russel

It was the worst bind, and I felt panic rising up inside me, threatening to steal my breath.

Anna Milburn has been a working barrister for twenty years. But when a local drug lord is implicated in the murder of a young policeman, the case shakes her very foundations and threatens what she holds most dear… her only child.

Journey through the Bible

Journey Through the Bible

Now you can journey through the Bible from your living room chair!

Journey through the Bible is a unique resource that approaches the Bible story by story. In these pages you will discover around 250 of our favourite Bible stories presented with background information in word and picture. 

Take a look at the beautiful spreads of this easy-to-read, visual exploration of the Bible here.

New Children’s Springtime Reads
Books Out Now!

the best new books to read in spring 2021

Welcome to the Journey

A Baptism Gift
by Bob Hartman and Raffaella Ligi

A powerful narrative by storyteller Bob Hartman that reminds baptism families and those getting baptised about the journey of God’s Big Story, and welcomes those who are about to start out on their journey with God and become part of this great story. 

A perfect gift not just for those getting baptised, but also for their families to share and celebrate with them.

Have a look at some beautiful spreads of the book here.
Also available as a pack here.

Dangerous Journey

The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress
by John Bunyan and Alan Parry

This abridged version of the world-famous, much-loved classic Pilgrim’s Progress has been reissued for a new generation of readers.

Filled with intricately detailed illustrations that capture the characterisation of Mr Worldly Wiseman, Faithful, the Giant and many others, and the atmosphere of places such as the Slough of Despond, Palace Beautiful and the Valley of the Shadow of Death, this stunning, large-format book makes an ideal gift for a special occasion such as birthday, confirmation or first communion

The Mirror and the Mountain

An Adventure in Presadia
by Luke Aylen

In Luke Aylen’s The Mirror and the Mountain, a title released in association with Essential Christian, two 11-year-olds pass through a mirror and end up in a magical kingdom called Presadia.

Trapped in a war-torn kingdom with no way home, Summer and Jonah are pulled into a strange quest to find the long-lost king, who alone has the power to restore peace to Presadia. Can they fulfill their quest to find the king and restore peace to Presadia and will they ever make it back to their own world?

New Children’s Springtime Reads
Coming Soon!

Springtime Children's Reads 2021

You are very special

by Su Box and Susie Poole

This charming picture book helps even the youngest of children learn to value him- or herself, and to realise that each and every person is unique and special. 

Simple text and lively illustrations help to open the reader’s eyes to their God-given personality, their value as an individual and their importance as a part of God’s creation. The surprise ending – a mirror in which children can identify themselves – will help little children put the life-affirming message of this book firmly into place.

Prayers around the World

by Deborah Lock and Helen Cann

Across the continents, this beautifully illustrated book of prayers reflects on God’s amazing world, celebrating different countries, landscapes and traditions. From fishing villages to the African plains, farming in Peru to the snowy landscape of Greenland, blossoms in Japan and leaf kicking in eastern Europe and to the shores of the Pacific ocean, these prayers share God’s love and care for his world.

Take a look at the beautiful spreads of Prayers around the World here.

Jane Austen Investigates

The Abbey Mystery
by Julia Golding

Jane Austen turns detective in this spooky historical adventure by award-winning author Julia Golding!

It’s 1789 and a young Jane Austen turns detective as she seeks to solve the mysterious happenings at Southmoor Abbey… with notebook in hand and her faithful dog Grandison by her side, will Jane overcome the continuous obstacles and find out the truth?

Watch the thrilling book trailer here!

The Lion Bible for Children

by Murray Watts and Helen Cann

Murray Watts is one of the UK’s foremost retellers of the Bible. He combines expert Bible knowledge with skilful storytelling to create a compelling text that speaks to children of today. This comprehensive, faithful yet imaginative retelling of the Bible reflects the variety of the original writings (e.g. reportage, poetry, history, letters) making a very readable collection – now a classic on the Lion Children’s list.

Check out the gorgeous spreads of The Lion Bible for Children here.

When Life Is Tough

Paul and Other Stories
by Debbie Duncan

A new book in the bestselling God Cares series. The ‘God cares’ series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness.

A chapter book retelling the story of Paul, who encountered many harsh and demoralising situations on his missionary journeys with additional related snippets from other Bible stories. But God cares, providing constant reassurance and enabling Paul to stay hopeful. 

When Life Is Unfair

Joseph and Other Stories
by Debbie Duncan

A new book in the bestselling God Cares series. The ‘God cares’ series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness.

A chapter book retelling the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers and unfairly put into prison with additional related snippets from other Bible stories. But God cares, providing guidance, support and hope through the situations. 

When I Don’t Give Up

Jesus and Zacchaeus
by Debbie Duncan

A new book in the bestselling God Cares series. The ‘God cares’ series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness.

An illustrated reader retelling the story of Jesus meeting with Zacchaeus. A reassuring story to help young children talk to parents or those who care for them about their hopes and challenges, find support to persevere, and know that Jesus too finds a way to be with them.

The Lion Storyteller Family Values

Over 30 stories with engaging discussion ideas for sharing together
by Bob Hartman and Krisztina Kallai Nagy

A practical, engaging resource about the moral, spiritual, and cultural values that shape our lives and society for families, children’s church groups and schools to share, explore, and respond with children together. 

The Lion Graphic Bible

The whole story from Genesis to Revelation
by Mike Maddox and Jeff Anderson

A highly original interpretation of the Bible that is an ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel.

Successfully published for over 40 years, refreshed with new covers to reach the next generation of readers. Available in hardback and paperback versions.

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