Share with Children the Power of Praying with Prayers around the World

19 May 2021

Prayer is such an important activity to share with children. It’s a beautiful, essential part of Christian life. Through prayer, children can openly speak to God about their gratitude, sorrows, fears, needs,  joys, or anything they want at all.  Prayer allows children to know God better and to see themselves as God’s children more clearly.

It’s essential that kids know how to pray, why they should pray, and who they are praying to. But starting out how to pray can be a daunting task. Discover with children that praying to God is just as natural as talking to a wonderful friend. That’s why we’re thrilled to publish this month Prayers Around The World by Deborah Lock and Helen Cann.

Prayers Around The World is more than a traditional prayer book. It introduces children to different countries and people groups in the world, sharing uplifting prayers that are inspired by places around the world. The prayers are intended to help children think of others and care for all that God’s created. And the book is beautiful. Don’t believe us? Check out the book’s beautiful spreads below. Children will love looking at the illustrations while they pray and can let their imagination soar. 

Prayers around the World

By Deborah Lock and Helen Cann

Across the continents, this beautifully illustrated book of prayers reflects on God’s amazing world, celebrating different countries, landscapes and traditions. From fishing villages to the African plains, farming in Peru to the snowy landscape of Greenland, blossoms in Japan and leaf kicking in eastern Europe and to the shores of the Pacific ocean, these prayers share God’s love and care for his world.

Click below to see some gorgeous spreads!

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ABC Prayers

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ABC Prayers is the perfect children’s prayer book that helps establish a routine bedtime prayer time and provides a helpful starting point for children wondering what they can speak to God about.

A beautiful padded hardcover picture book featuring charming illustrations of a family of mice who play, share, forgive, and celebrate together, all the while wrapping around the letters of the alphabet throughout the prayer book. 

God Bless Me

God Bless Me

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Goodnight Prayers

Goodnight Prayers

A hardback book of sweet bedtime reflections to remind little children of God’s love and care all through the night.

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Prayers For All Seasons

Prayers For All Seasons

By Sophie Piper and Elena Temporin

This beautifully illustrated collection of prayers includes words for all through the year. The prayers in this book not only match the seasons: they speak in turn of hopefulness, joy, thanksgiving, reflection, and of God’s everlasting love.

Elena Temporin’s warm illustrations give this collection a friendly quality.

The Lion Book of Prayers to Keep for Ever

The Lion Book Of Prayers To Keep For Ever

by Dr Lois Rock and Sophie Allsopp

The matching prayer book to the award-winning and sophisticated Lion Bible to Keep For Ever.

Sophie Allsopp’s distinctive and atmospheric illustrations accompany a collection of carefully chosen contemporary and classic prayers that provide inspiration and reassurance. Presented in a hardback cover with silver decoration on the cover and foiling on the title.

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