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Our Best Motivational Books to Inspire You During Lent and Beyond

Our best Motivational Books to Inspire You During Lent and Beyond

This is the first week of the reflective season of Lent. To help you with your Lenten journey, we’ve compiled a fabulous selection of our much loved devotionals and motivational books that we hope will inspire you during Lent and beyond!

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Inspiring Lent Reading

Lent and Easter Books for Adults

Our Top Devotionals

Reflect with Sheridan by Sheridan Voysey

Author and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey draws on both personal experience and Christian faith to explore the greater meaning to be found in the world around us. Reflecting on the themes of Joy, Wonder, Meaning, Belonging, Compassion, Callings, Seasons, Change, and Hope, this uplifting, thoughtful, and affirming gift book will inspire readers of all ages and life stages. 

Beautifully designed throughout, this book will help you create a pause in your day, whether in the quiet early hours, as the night falls, or somewhere in between— a moment to stop and reflect on the things that matter.

Listen to the first chapter of the Reflect with Sheridan audio book here.

Watch Sheridan discuss below one of his inspiring themes in Reflect with Sheridan – The Voice That’s Only Heard in Stillness

More Than Words by Hannah Dunnett

Part meditation, part scripture, all visually beautiful; this collection of images painted by Hannah Dunnett explores how we can reflect on God’s word through imagery, as well as words.

Hannah Dunnett’s beautiful artwork, interweaving Bible verses and images, has inspired many people. From sailing boats bobbing on the river to majestic trees and soaring mountains, Hannah paints pictures that help us understand scripture and reflect on God’s word in a fresh way.

Hannah has chosen twenty-four of her favourite pictures and tells the story behind each one. This beautiful collection of beloved artwork is divided into four sections: The Wondrous Cross, Father God, Teach me Your Ways, and Let Your Light Shine, and will take individual readers, or small groups, on a journey further towards the heart of God.

As Hannah draws out key verses and their meaning and offers questions to reflect on, readers will gain new insight and understanding.

Pylon People

Pylon People by Cath Woolridge

Pylon People 40 Days of Art and Meditations to Empower Your Spirit by Cath Woolridge
Pylon People
Cath Woolridge

“I found this book to be beautifully expressed in artwork as well as Scripture and if you are looking for someone to help take you on a journey of growth, this book will not disappoint.” Christy Wimber

Pylon People is a creative Christian journal featuring contemporary illustrations in full colour. A beautifully illustrated and unique devotional that directly addresses our powered-up days and powerless days, our seasons of sunshine and of rain. Woolridge shares her vision of us as “Pylon People,” standing with our arms outstretched to receive and share the power of God’s Spirit.

Pylon People is a brilliant collection of inspiring poems, images and Bible reflections that will empower your spirit.

Come and join the Pylon Pilgrimage by connecting and moving forward in the next 40 days.

Fresh From the Word 2021 the Bible for a change by Nathan Eddy

Fresh From The Word: The Bible for a Change 2021 will inspire your Bible reading in a time of change.

Fresh From The Word 2021 invites you to the discipline of daily Bible reading with readers around the world. Bringing together theologians, scholars, creative writers, church leaders, and activists from around the world, Fresh From The Word 2021 offers notes, prayers, and further thought suggestions for every day of the year.

With a wide range of contributors from Buenos Aires-based liturgist and activist Dafne Sabanes Plou discussing the mercy of God, to prison chaplain and Pentecostal pastor Deseta Davis ruminating on God and prison life, there’s bound to be a passage that will inspire you.

The perfect devotional gift for the new year!

Through the Year with the Pilgrim Fathers by Stephen Poxon

Through the Year with the Pilgrim Fathers
Through the Year with the Pilgrim Fathers: 365 Daily Readings Inspired by the Journey of the Mayflower

Stephen Poxon invites us into a closer relationship with God in this daily devotional exploring the faith of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Part of the inspiring Through the Year With series.

The year 2020 witnesses the 400th anniversary of the voyage made by the Pilgrim Fathers, who sailed from England to America on board the Mayflower. This epic excursion signalled one of the most significant episodes in Christian history, making as it did an enormous impact on the trajectory of Christianity in the USA. Through the Year with the Pilgrim Fathers is a commemorative edition featuring excerpts relating to that event. It is a story of faith, adventure and courage.

Each excerpt is married to a verse of Scripture and a prayer, providing 365 daily readings telling the story of great exploits in God’s service.

#Niteblessings by Malcolm Duncan

#Niteblessings: Meditations for the end of the day
Malcolm Duncan

One of Lion Hudson’s most popular devotionals, #Niteblessings by Reverend Malcolm Duncan invites you to encounter God at the end of the day.

#Niteblessings contains a few lines for each day of the year and it’s the perfect size to just flick through and find encouragement for how you are feeling that day. Each blessing draws you into to His presence, releasing you from the pressures of the day into engagement with the Holy Spirit.

Simple yet profound, moving and delightful, each of Reverend Duncan’s messages will renew and encourage you on your walk with God.

You might also enjoy More #Niteblessings: Further Meditations for the end of the day.

God Moments for Busy People by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

God Moments For Busy People by Jennifer Rees Larcombe
God Moments For Busy People
Jennifer Rees Larcombe

A book of short devotionals for busy people, these readings will help you set aside just a few moments for prayer and reflection. 

A collection of reflections and prayers that celebrate the “God moments” that populate every day. This small and beautiful book will allow even the busiest of people to find respite, to reflect, to be encouraged, and lead into the presence of God. Jennifer Rees Larcombe blends observation and insight in these delightful and uplifting reflections.

The perfect devotional to bring rest and peace at the end of a busy day.

Then Sings My Soul by Pam Rhodes

Then Sings My Soul: 40 Reflections on my favourite hymns by Pam Rhodes
Then Sings My Soul
Pam Rhodes

BBC’s Songs of Praise presenter Pam Rhodes reflects on her forty favourite hymns in Then Sings My Soul.

Pam is a passionate advocate for our heritage of splendid hymns. Hymns, she explains, help us respond to God: they are “prayers in our pockets”. With her warm personal touch she describes how these hymns came to be written, and considers the perceptions they contain. Each reflection concludes with a short prayer.

Then Sings My Soul is a treasury of fascinating detail, but it is also a source of devotion: as you consider each hymn and the story behind it you will be drawn into worship.

Christian Living: Inspirational Reads

When Faith Gets Shaken by Patrick Regan OBE and Liza Hoeksma

When Faith Gets Shaken Second Edition Patrick Regan OBE and Liza Hoeksma
When Faith Gets Shaken
Patrick Regan and Liza Hoeksma

What do you do when life falls apart, and it feels as if God has left you? How do you keep going when your faith is rocked to the core? Sometimes things get so hard we’re not sure where God is – or what he’s up to. 

For Patrick there was pain, illness, and loss in his family and community. Then a series of excruciating operations took him to the brink physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Writing during his journey of recovery, Patrick explores how we find God in times of suffering. He wrestles with how we can know God’s peace when life is anything but peaceful, what the true nature of courage is, how we allow ourselves the grace to rest when we’re running on empty, and how we can stay fully present in the moment – all so we can ultimately grasp the love of God at a deeper level

Stuck in the Mud? Stories of Hope for When You're Stuck

Stuck in the Mud? Stories of Hope for When You’re Stuck by John Prockter

At times of difficulty or transition we can often feel unable to move forward.

Framed around twelve real-life sticking points in John Prockter’s life, this book offers us hope in a faithful God and a pathway through difficult times. John encourages us to engage with Scripture in a new and inspiring way, allowing Jesus to bring the freedom we all need to live our lives authentically. 

Frank yet approachable, Stuck in the Mud? is an ideal guide for those wanting to engage in the ups and downs of discipleship.

The Rations Challenge by Claud Fullwood

Food is always a hot topic – Food waste, food banks, food miles, local versus imported. As we all need food, we can’t ignore it.

But as some families struggle without enough food to live on, others are challenged to consider how much they throw away, or how to make the food they have go further.

Which is why Claud Fullwood set herself the challenge of living on World War Two rations for Lent. It opened her eyes not only to issues of hunger and waste, but also to the many ways in which we have the power to fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again.

The Rations Challenge takes the wisdom of World War Two and looks at how it can help us revolutionise how we live now. By learning the lessons our parents and grandparents lived by in the ’30s and ’40s, we can build a future that works for everyone.

Wholeness by Christy Wimber and Katharine Welby-Roberts

Wholeness by Christy Wimber
Christy Wimber

The world is changing; culture is shifting. Never has safety and security been more desired. What shakes also spills. Pressure spills to the surface. And when struggles become visible, safety becomes more invaluable.

With the world changing so are people’s struggles. In years past what worked in prayer and ministry may not work today, because people’s concerns and experiences of personal difficulties have changed. And just with anything else we should be growing in how we learn and deliver ministry. God wants to bring people into wholeness. And one of the greatest acts of kindness we can do is provide a safe place in order to witness people’s struggles, so that we may love, care for and pray and minister to them more effectively.

Brave by Debbie Duncan

Brave Showing Courage In All Seasons of Life by Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan

In Brave, Debbie Duncan assures us that God’s definition of courage is not limited to liberating a nation like Moses or fighting a giant like David.

Indeed, facing everyday situations requires bravery. Perhaps you’re facing redundancy, ill health, or strife in your family. Giving examples from her personal life. Debbie takes us on a journey that will help us endure the challenges that come our way with our heads held high.

Understanding what real-life bravery looks like will encourage you to step out of the boat like Peter, or simply to get out of bed when you’re struggling. Brave will help to reassure you that God is with you in every season of life, and that you are braver than you think!

The Dream of You by Jo Saxton

Let’s be honest, the life you lead isn’t what you’ve always dreamt.

In this powerful book, Jo examines Biblical figures and shares her personal story as she invites you to turn to the One who knows you intimately and loves you deeply.

He sees all you’ve struggled to hide. He hears the voice inside you that others have silenced.

He knows the potential and purpose that no one valued. He longs to redeem the story of your life and set you on the path to reclaim The Dream of You. Are you ready?

The Heavenly Party by Michele Guinness

Drawing upon her rich Jewish heritage, Michele integrates sacred and secular using pilgrim festivals and symbol, ritual and liturgy. She explains what true celebration is, with ideas and resources for celebration at home or in the wider community. Christians should have the best parties!

Part One: Explores what true celebration is and looks at how Jesus loved to party.

Part Two: Festival parties, including anniversaries, a weekly Sabbath, events in the church calendar. Includes suggestions for rituals, prayers, liturgies.

Part Three: General ideas for celebration. Includes suggestions on how to organise the celebration event.

Part Four: 50 best celebration recipes. Adapted from author’s monthly cookery column in Woman Alive.

The Art of Daily Resilience by Debbie Duncan

Debbie Duncan knows all too much about the need for resilience. She and her husband Malcolm, and her children, have all had to deal with prolonged ill health, as well as episodes of acute health crisis. Two family members have died. As a pastor’s wife and a working mum she copes with emergencies large and small on a daily basis. So what makes you strong when you have no strength?

Drawing on her personal experience as a nurse and a teacher, Debbie has considerable insight into what constitutes resilience: the ability to cope, to stay on course, to bounce back. In this helpful new book she considers what is required for physical, mental and spiritual durability, interweaving biblical teaching, prayers, with personal anecdote, and sound advice.

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