Wonders of the Living World: Online book launch

Date & Time: June 14, 2021 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Speakers: Dr Ruth BancewiczCara ParrettProf. Jeff SchlossProf. Stephen FreelandDr Hilary MarlowDr Rhoda Hawkins

50% discount on copies of the book for all registered participants

The living world is beautiful, intricate, and highly ordered. Organisms flourish across virtually every location on earth, and biological scientists are constantly discovering more about them. These findings spark awe in those who study the natural world, and also raise questions about the meaning of what we see. What’s so special about life? Why are we here? Where is it all heading? Encounter the living world, from individual molecules to whole ecosystems through the eyes of scientists who are also people of faith. Explore their research and their beliefs, testing the claim that the discoveries of science are consistent with the existence of a powerful, purposeful God.

Come to our online launch to meet and interact with some of the scientists and theologians who have contributed to this beautifully illustrated book for adults (16+) and its accompanying resources:

Details and registration can be found on the Lion Hudson zoom event page here

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