Please contact SPCK Rights regarding English language books held in stock or in downloadable form in any territory:

Key Contact: Vanessa Norman, Rights Manager

Key Contact: Glenn Cauchi, Rights Executive

Key contact: Charlotte Bufton, Rights Executive

Email: rights@spck.org.uk

Rights Information

SPCK owns or manages foreign language and other subsidiary publishing rights for most of the titles on our website. Our rights information brochure is produced twice a year featuring some forthcoming books. The latest versions can be downloaded from here .

Translation Rights and Co-edition Services

SPCK offers a complete co-edition printing service for colour and illustrated books to foreign language publishing partners. If you are interested in collaborating on co-edition printings or acquiring publishing rights for a foreign language for any of our titles, please contact the rights team.

Ebook and Audio Book Rights

SPCK publishes most English language editions in ebook form and some English language books in audio book form. The foreign language rights for ebook and audio book can be sub-licensed as part of a language translation license agreement.

Sub-rights: Large Print, Film, Television & Other Rights

For most books, SPCK owns or manages other subsidiary rights for example large print, film & television adaptation or magazine serial rights. Interested parties seeking a license should contact the rights team expressing interest.

Reselling Rights for Publisher Clients

SPCK offers a unique representation and co-edition service for Christian children’s book publishers seeking to license foreign language rights for their colour illustrated or photographic books to a network of international Christian publishing partners. Please send any enquiries about this service to the rights team and include a link to your catalogue.

Please contact Lion Hudson Rights regarding English language books held in stock or in downloadable
form in any territory


We’re currently arranging our reprint schedules for children’s bibles for delivery in the new year.

The Lion Children’s Bible

The Beginner’s Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Candle Bible for Kids

Candle Bible for Toddlers

To make sure your order is included in the next print run, please contact our sales team before the end of September to be included.

You can contact your sales contact directly or email sales@spck.org.uk.