What Did Jesus Do?

An Introduction to the Life and Teachings of Jesus


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ISBN: 9780745979670

Publication date: November 19, 2021

Format: Hardback

Extent: 48 pages

Dimensions: 240mm(length) 195mm(width)

Series: Keywords

Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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An introduction to the main events in Jesus life and the ideas he taught through the explanation of keywords to inform and expand understanding.

Find out about the Gospel stories, Jesus’ message and miracles and his importance to Christians. Discover the meaning of key terms such as incarnation, resurrection and salvation. Provides a quick and accessible reference to the Christians views of the Kingdom of God, forgiveness, discipleship, and faith. 

The Keywords series is written and designed to support children develop good reference skills through asking questions and clearly identifying key terms, so that the information needed is quickly found on a page. Facts are presented in easy-to-read bite-size explanations with visuals. Includes contents page, index and glossary for children to access the information and definitions, expand vocabulary and engage with the topic.

Meet the author: Deborah Lock

Deborah Lock has been writing and editing children’s non-fiction, fiction and educational titles for more than 20 years. She is dedicated to developing products that engage and inspire children, instil a love of reading and lifelong learning, and share the Christian faith. She is a licensed lay minister at her local parish church, leading worship and actively involved with children and youth work, and enjoys singing, drama and dance (which comes in very useful when co-ordinating the children-led Nativity service each year).

Reviews for What Did Jesus Do?

Recognizing the inherent diversity within religious and non-religious worldviews, Deborah Lock’s contribution to the Keywords series provides simple, reliable content ideal for the primary age group. Katie Gooch (Religion and Worldviews Lead, Sidegate Primary School)

Attractive RE non-fiction resources ideal for any school or class library. Teachers and children alike will love to delve into the beautiful content and there is certainly so much information included. Saima Saleh (Teacher and NATRE Exec and Local Groups officer)

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