Through the year with Charles Wesley

365 daily readings from Charles Wesley


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ISBN: 9780857219282

Publication date: June 21, 2019

Format: Paperback

Extent: 384 pages

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Reverend Charles Wesley (1707 – 1788): Anglican priest, Oxford University graduate, leader of the English Methodist movement, and arguably the greatest hymn-writer of all time, with at least 6,000 hymns to his credit, many of which retain their popularity and status as "classics".
Charles Wesley was a gifted poet, with an almost unparalleled ability to capture deep truths of Scripture and condense them into meaningful verse, thereby conveying theology in terms that a wide spectrum of people could understand.
For all his genius as a wordsmith, Charles Wesley was an intensely humble Christian, sometimes living in the shadow of his brother, John, but, nevertheless, complementing the ministry of his sibling with a softer touch and a less rigid approach to life and faith.
Through the Year with Charles Wesley offers a glimpse into the works of a great man whose legacy has survived the centuries, and which still influences modern hymnology.

Meet the author: Stephen Poxon

Stephen Poxon is a freelance writer living in Hertfordshire. He is the author/editor of Through the Year with William Booth, Through the Year with Catherine Booth, Through the Year with John Wesley, and At the Master’s Side. He is engaged in various writing projects.

Reviews for Through the year with Charles Wesley

"As a hymn-writer, I have always felt that some lyrics deserve more attention than a brief sing on a Sunday morning can give them, so I warmly welcome this lyrical collection from one of the greatest lyricists of them all, Charles Wesley. I found it informative, moving, and inspirational, and I think you will too."

Stuart Townend, worship songwriter and musician

"Stephen Poxon and I share a passion for Charles Wesley. Wesley was a man who understood the human condition, with its instinctive longing for God, and Wesley's own longing is expressed in verses of beautiful, unforgettable, inspiring lines that lilt on the ear and pierce the soul. I have met many old friends in this day-by-day collection of Charles Wesley hymns, but with Stephen's insight, prayer, and biblical knowledge have found myself seeing those familiar words in a new and clearer light.

And there are so many other Wesley treasures to discover in these pages; hymn texts I may not have read before, but in which I still recognize his familiar talent for putting biblical truths into beautiful language that speaks to every single one of us. His verses and the message they hold are timeless, and this wonderful book will be forever cherished on my bookshelf!"

Pam Rhodes, author and presenter of Songs of Praise

"Charles Wesley's hymn texts are spiritual food. What a gift to be able to journey through the year with them and find daily manna for our souls."

Graham Kendrick, worship leader and songwriter

"I've long been a fan of the words of Charles Wesley. As a Christian songwriter and musical worship leader, I'd say it's almost impossible not to be! Wesley's thousands of hymns and poems are an immense treasure, and should be treated as such. That's what I love about this book. Stephen Poxon takes the very best of these writings and brings them to our attention once again in such a thoughtful and readable way. This wonderful devotional will inspire many a worshipper!"

Matt Redman, songwriter and worship leader

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