The Wild Gospel

Bringing Truth to Life


ISBN: 9780857211637

Publication date: October 18, 2012

Format: Ebook

Extent: 352 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books

A prophetic challenge to the Western church. The Christian faith is always subversive to the dominant world view. Jesus overturned every assumption which stopped people experiencing the living reality of God – the heart of truth. Sadly, the Western world has reduced "truth" to the merely rational, and then discarded it as inadequate. In Africa, and other parts of the world where God’s truth has never been straitjacketed in this way, the church is characterised by a joy now absent in the West. Western culture has limited what we can believe and receive. Can we: Burst free from this restrictive secular framework? Learn not only to know truth, but to feel it, and live it? Live our faith in such a way that it becomes real to those around us? Alison Morgan shows that Jesus lived free from the culturally imposed norms which restrict our understanding of truth. Examining church history, prophecy past and present, the state of our culture and of the church today, and drawing on personal experience and the experience of others, Alison blends analysis and imagination, history and poetry in this prophetic challenge to Western Christians.

Meet the author: Rev Alison Morgan

Alison Morgan is a well-known author and speaker. She is an Associate of The Mathetes Trust, a registered charity which supports and encourages Christian discipleship within the UK and in Africa. Alison has a PhD from Cambridge University and prior to her ordination into the Church of England in 1996 worked as a university lecturer; she is the author of an internationally recognised work on the poet Dante. Alison worked for many years alongside her husband Roger in parish ministry, first in Corby and then at Holy Trinity Leicester, where she oversaw the church’s ministry of prayer for healing. Best known for The Wild Gospel, Alison is the author of many books and course materials, and the editor of Rooted in Jesus, a practical discipleship course now in wide use in sub-Saharan Africa. In her spare time Alison enjoys ornithology, walking and cycling, and photography. She and her husband Roger live in Somerset.

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