The Unfortunate Adventures of Tom Hillingthwaite


ISBN: 9780857214331 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780857214331

Publication date: March 20, 2015

Format: Ebook

Extent: 240 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Meet Tom Hillingthwaite the newest employee of Jesus4All (formerly the Turn or Burn Gospel Coalition). Leaving his cushy, well-to-do life, Tom relocates to a rough estate in the urban sprawl of Bruton, in the south of England, to take up a job as ‘Community Builder’. There’s only one problem: Tom’s ability to build community is overshadowed by his far greater ability to create utter chaos. How will Tom’s middle-class pretensions cope with his new hostile environment? How can he expect to tell anyone about God when, some of the time, saying his own name proves beyond him? And – who is the strange shadowy man in the background? With his wife and daughter relying on him to provide for them, and his bosses demanding backsides on seats in the Kingdom, Tom needs to adapt, and fast. So begin The Unfortunate Adventures of Tom Hillingthwaite.

Meet the author: Mr Andy D W Kind

Andy Kind is an award-winning comedian, one of the pioneers behind the wave of Clean Comedy hitting the UK circuit. He has appeared on BBC1 and Radio 5Live and performs to live audiences of about 10,000 people a year.

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