The Time-for-Bed Angel


ISBN: 9780745967868 Categories: , ,

ISBN: 9780745967868

Publication date: September 18, 2012

Format: Ebook

Extent: 32 pages

This warm and funny tale is told in few words and expressive pictures. The reader sees a rushed-off-his-feet guardian angel race around keeping a mischievous little boy safe before he finally snuggles down to sleep.

A lovely bedtime book for all mischievous toddlers – boys as well as girls – that will reassure them of the love that encircles them all through the day and night.

Meet the author: Ms Ronica Stromberg

Meet the author: Ms Kristina Stephenson

Kristina Stephenson trained as a set and costume designer and for many years she worked in theatre and television while dreaming of having children and illustrating books for them. Both dreams came true and Kristina now lives and works in Salisbury with her musician husband and two children who provide all the humour and inspiration anyone could want.

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