The Rations Challenge

Forty Days of Feasting in a Wartime Kitchen


ISBN: 9780745980829 Categories: , ,

ISBN: 9780745980829

Publication date: November 22, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 160 pages

Imprint: Lion Books


Food is always a hot topic – Food waste, food banks, food miles, local versus imported. As we all need food, we can’t ignore it. 

But as some families struggle without enough food to live on, others are challenged to consider how much they throw away, or how to make the food they have go further.
Which is why Claud Fullwood set herself the challenge of living on World War Two rations for Lent. It opened her eyes not only to issues of hunger and waste, but also to the many ways in which we have the power to fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again.
The Rations Challenge takes the wisdom of World War Two and looks at how it can help us revolutionise how we live now. By learning the lessons our parents and grandparents lived by in the ’30s and ’40s, we can build a future that works for everyone.

Meet the author: Claud Fullwood

Claud Fullwood has worked as an editor and copywriter for longer than she cares to admit. She has worked in both publishing and in the charitable sector, where issues around hunger and food first caught her attention. She hates waste and loves food. Most of all she loves her family, community and looking at how sharing what we have improves everyone’s lives. She lives in the Forest of Dean with her husband, two children and an axolotl.

Reviews for The Rations Challenge

"My Nan would really smile at this book. It would all feel so familiar to her - making do, using everything she had, wasting nothing, sharing with the neighbours, growing vegetables all year round in the garden. This book comes up with some real challenges as well as good ideas to help us remember our responsibility as Christians - to make do, to share, to use everything we have, waste nothing, and be true stewards of God's creation. That means recognizing and caring for not just beauty and the bounty of the countryside, but the beauty of humanity which we share with God's people wherever they live."
Pam Rhodes, author and TV presenter
"As more and more people are wondering how to live sustainably, this book couldn't come at a more relevant time. Claud Fullwood mixes together recipes, interviews, facts and personal experience into a delicious treat of a book: one which is light but substantial, and good for you too! By looking back to our grandparents' experience, she provides us with hope for the future and plenty of ideas about to eat better, live more fully and reconnect with the world around us and the people we love."
Sarah Hagger-Holt, author, parent-of-two and former campaigns manager at Catholic aid agency CAFOD

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