The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson


ISBN: 9781782643005 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9781782643005

Publication date: October 23, 2020

Format: Ebook

Extent: 272 pages

Imprint: Lion Fiction


‘I was completely charmed by The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson. What a marvelous sequel to The Death of Mungo Blackwell. Lauren is a refreshing, talented storyteller. She’s an author I’ve added to my favorites list.’ Rachel Hauck, NYTimes Bestselling Author

Roy Blackwell has proposed to Margarette Toft. A controversial decision given their families are sworn enemies!
Soon Coraloo’s feuding clans are competing to organize events for the most talked about wedding of the year… and glorious chaos ensues! But as the depth of the two families’ animosity becomes clear, Roy and Margarette’s relationship begins to falter.
Then Roy unearths a town secret involving the mysterious marriage of Innis Wilkinson and a murder. Parallels between the past and present rock the couple even further.
But, as the whole truth comes to light, Roy and Margarette learn more than they could have imagined about love, family, and finding a place in the world.
Heart-warming and charming, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson will inspire joy and laughter.

Meet the author: Lauren H Brandenburg

Lauren H. Brandenburg is a mentor, speaker, and award-winning author who happily blurs the lines between traditional genres. She is the author of The Death of Mungo Blackwell and The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson. She was awarded the ACFW Award for Best Contemporary Fiction and a Finalist for the People’s Book Awards. As a former English teacher, and now homeschooling mom, Lauren combines her love of “the what if” with her spirit of adventure and faith to delight and encourage readers young and old. She lives with her husband, Jamie, and two children in a lovely little town just south of Nashville, Tennessee where they laugh a lot.

Reviews for The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson

'Brandenburg’s unique writing style will keep you chuckling and second-guessing as you take in the escapades of Colaroo’s finest inhabitants in The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson. With its clever twists and turns, this sequel to The Death of Mungo Blackwell certainly doesn’t disappoint. A highly recommended read!' Pam Rhodes, author and tv and radio presenter

'In a sea of cookie-cutter novels, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson is a refreshing and imaginative tale of freshly sharpened scissors, feuding families, and finding peace in the bonds that truly bind us together. Brandenburg has again proven that she possesses that most rare and wonderful gift… the gift of storytelling.' - Tama Fortner, author of Christmas Is Coming! and Easter Is Coming!

'A wildly creative story centered on the complexities of an unlikely couple’s engagement. Author Lauren H. Brandenburg charms the reader with the allure of eccentric characters from feuding families in the whimsical town of Coraloo, where the convergence of coincidence and family secrets unfolds to a great surprise. A rollicking joyride through a well-wrought story, The Marriage of Innis Wilkinson is memorable, sheer delight.' - Claire Fullerton, author of Mourning Dove, Little Tea, and others.

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