The Lion Children’s Bible


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ISBN: 9780745919393

Format: Hardback

Extent: 256 pages

Dimensions: 210mm(length) 148mm(width)

Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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All the significant stories of the Old and New Testaments from Genesis to the book of Acts are retold in clear, simple language which children understand. The stories may be read as individual stories, yet they form a continuous narrative which closely follows the ‘one story’ of God and God’s people contained in the whole Bible. The Lion Children’s Bible is also available in a gift edition and in paperback. Translated into 38 languages, this is the top children’s Bible for both home and school.

Meet the author: Mrs Pat Alexander

Pat Alexander is co-founder and former editorial director of Lion Publishing. She is also the compiler and author of many books ranging from the best-selling Lion Handbook to the Bible to The Lion First Bible. Pat lives in Oxford where she is actively involved in local church and community life.

Meet the author: Ms Carolyn Cox

Carolyn Cox combines work as an illustrator with bringing up a family. For Lion she has also illustrated My Own Book of Bible Stories.

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The Lion Children's Bible

Sharing The Lion Children’s Bible: Scripture Union Project in Uganda

6 May 2021

On behalf of the American Bible Society, we produced an English language edition of our bestselling The Lion Children’s Bible for a Scripture Union project in Uganda where 500,000 children participate in bible study week by week. Now many children have received their own copy of The Lion Children’s Bible and we could not resist sharing these wonderful photographs of the children.