The Jesus Way

Learning to Live the Christian Life


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ISBN: 9780857219619

Publication date: February 21, 2020

Format: Ebook

Extent: 256 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


This book teaches the basics of the Christian faith, looking first at what Jesus himself taught, and then at what his apostles had to say. It is for anyone who wants to follow Jesus, but is not sure or would like to be reminded of the way.

In short clear steps, Dr Peter Walker takes us through the basics of enjoying Jesus’ forgiveness, welcoming his Spirit and feeding on his scriptures; then explores the principles of worshipping with his people, following his teaching and trusting him with our future.

This classic of the field has been revised and is accompanied by access to an online PDF workbook and video content.

Meet the author: Rev Peter Walker

Peter Walker studied Classics and Early Church History at Cambridge University and has done extensive research at a post-doctoral level on Christian attitudes to Jerusalem. Peter is now Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry (near Pittsburgh, USA), having previously taught at Wycliffe Hall within the University of Oxford. He has led many study tours to the Holy Land. His books include: In the Steps of Jesus, In the Steps of Saint Paul, The Lion Guide to the Bible, and The Story of the Holy Land.

Reviews for The Jesus Way

'Peter Walker has done the church a great service in this new edition of The Jesus Way. It's a remarkable guide - both user-friendly and yet in-depth - as to what it means to follow Jesus today.'

Revd Greg Downes, Director of Ministerial Training and Dean of the Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

"A superb book written with simplicity, charm and sureness of touch! I love the rooting in Luke 24 and the development in Acts. It is so comprehensive and so clear and easy to follow. I am really excited about this! Peter Walker's writing is outstanding."

Revd Canon Dr Michael Green, biblical scholar, author, and former Rector of St Aldates, Oxford

"Some years ago, I prepared to preach on Jesus' last words to his followers, as found in Luke 24:44-49. I became really excited as I rediscovered the incredible depth and concentration in this short passage. In this book Peter Walker has done us all a great service in expounding these verses - as well as the first steps of the early church in Acts 2.

What a great way to teach the basics of our faith and life! What an inspiration for individuals and groups as they set out on a journey with Jesus! I commend it wholeheartedly to disciples old and young. Use it and share it!"

The Rt Revd Henry Scriven, General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) and Honorary Assistant Bishop of the dioceses of Oxford and Winchester

"I am really excited by this revised edition of The Jesus Way. Having taught it myself, I can commend it confidently as the best discipleship training course available, and when used it will prove to be a great blessing to the Church."

The Rt Revd Wallace Benn, former Bishop of Lewes, diocese of Chichester

"The Jesus Way is an excellent introduction to the Bible by an outstanding biblical scholar. From my involvement with the teaching of this material while living in the United States, I can see the power of The Jesus Way to change lives and energize people in faithful discipleship of Jesus. It will be a blessing and great encouragement to all who use it, and I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Revd Dr Justyn Terry, Vice Principal and Academic Dean, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

"All too often those who want to follow Jesus lose their way because they do not grasp the next steps in their walk with him. They hear the Good News and desire to move forward yet they don't have the proper tools to continue on the journey. Peter Walker's The Jesus Way is an excellent resource for all such people.

What the church today needs most are resources for Christian discipleship. In my work I see many people come to faith in Christ but struggle to find materials that will help jump-start them in their journey - to my dismay these are few and far between. Peter's book is easy to understand, well presented, and thorough - without being overwhelming. It is truly an ideal handbook for those starting out on the Jesus way.

This is also a superb book to take on international mission. Many people in the "two-thirds world" do not have Bibles but, when guided through The Jesus Way, they can access the teaching of the New Testament in just twelve easy steps.

Peter Walker provides a clear and thoughtful model for following Jesus. He has done this with the insight of a biblical scholar and the enthusiasm of a passionate believer. He shows how following Jesus is a life filled with joy, triumph in trials, peace, love, and above all, hope. The Jesus Way provides us with a roadmap that leads to a deeper relationship with Jesus and an experience of his abundant life."

Carrie Boren Headington, Missioner for Evangelism, Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

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