The Grace Course DVD


ISBN: 9780857213228

Publication date: November 23, 2012

Format: DVD video

Dimensions: 15mm(length) 117gr(width)

Imprint: Monarch Books

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The Grace Course is a straight forward, effective way for churches to help Christians understand God’s grace and be motivated by God’s love alone, so that they go on to bear much fruit. It provides powerful, practical ways to submit to God, identify faulty thinking and renew the mind. Live a fruitful Christian life simply by being the person God made you to be. Don’t perform any longer for God or other people but learn to serve out of love. Hold your head up high no matter what’s in your past. Get rid of condemning thoughts and that low grade fever of guilt. Stop returning to the same old sins again and again. Fear nothing and no one except God Himself. Learn to serve out of genuine rest. Work together with others to reach the world for Christ. The Grace Course is brought to you by Freedom in Christ Ministries, creators of the bestselling Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course. With 6 sessions plus a practical, life transforming ministry tool, it is ideal for both small groups and Sunday teaching. It works well as a 40-day church-wide campaign or a 6-week course during Lent. Either present it yourself using the PowerPoint presentations included with The Grace Course Leader’s Guide or alternatively, use The Grace Course DVD. The Grace Course Participant’s Guide is designed to accompany the user through the course.

Meet the author: Mr Steve Goss

Steve Goss is Executive Director of Freedom in Christ Ministries International and Freedom in Christ Ministries UK. He presents the FIC course. He has a background in marketing. He is married to Zoe and they have two daughters.

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