The Expansion of Christianity – Christianity and the Celts


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ISBN: 9781912552238

Publication date: March 22, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 140 pages

Imprint: Lion Scholar


This is an accessible two-part introduction to Christianity’s expansion.

The Expansion of Christianity

Christianity developed from its beginnings as a persecuted sect in an outpost of the Roman empire to become the largest religion on earth. This narrative focuses on missionary pioneers, and also examines individual continents to assess how Christian mission has moved forward despite many periods of retreat. Timothy Yates’s account provides a rich and enlightening introduction to the development of this major worldwide faith.

Christianity and the Celts

In recent years the term ‘Celt’ has become synonymous with mystery and the ‘other-worldly’. Ted Olsen digs beneath the layers of romanticization to introduce readers to the world of the Celts and its key figures. The author focuses on the principal characters from Ireland and beyond, highlighting their missionary fervour and monastic ideals. In bringing a distant period of history vividly to life, this account is an engaging portrait of men and women whose ability to intrigue and fascinate is as strong as it ever was.

Meet the author: Timothy Yates

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