The Day I Fell Down the Toilet and Other Poems


ISBN: 9780745968193 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780745968193

Publication date: September 18, 2015

Format: Ebook

Extent: 96 pages


Have you ever been punched by a cabbage, or fallen head first down the loo? Have you ever had fun with a poem? You haven’t? Then this book’s for you. ‘Steve Turner’s first collection of verse for children is full of quirky humour and strong rhymes to read aloud’ Children and quite a few adults will enjoy the poems in this collection. Pollution, religion, growing up and families are just some of the topics the author uses for this amusing anthology. I rate this collection as good as those by Roger McGough and Brian Patten." Hull Daily Mail ‘Full of quirky humour and strong rhymes that kids adore.’ Brian Patten ‘Steve Turner is one of the most original and child-friendly voices to emerge in the last few years.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Highly observant, often poignant, sometimes naughty and always fresh and funny.’ Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit ‘This hilarious collection of poems will make you laugh out loud.’ The Young Telegraph

Meet the author: Mr Steve Turner

Meet the author: Mr David Mostyn

DAVID MOSTYN is a widely published cartoonist and illustrator.

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