The Crystal Crypt


ISBN: 9781782643609 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9781782643609

Publication date: November 19, 2021

Format: Ebook

Extent: 336 pages

The 1920s most stylish sleuth returns in The Crystal Crypt for another thrilling murder mystery!

“But accidents can still happen… Perhaps there was something out of her control, something she couldn’t have foreseen…”
“Like someone plotting to kill her?”

Reporter sleuth Poppy Denby is asked to investigate the mysterious death of an up-and-coming female scientist in an Oxford laboratory known as the Crystal Crypt. The official verdict is that Dr June Leighton died in a tragic accident, but Dr Leighton’s lab assistant believes it was murder. However, when Poppy discovers that the colleague has spent time in a mental institution and has an unresolved murder in her own past, Poppy wonders if she is being misled. But then, another female academic is attacked, and Poppy herself becomes a target.

Meet the author: Fiona Veitch Smith

Reviews for The Crystal Crypt

“Great fun for fans of mysteries set during detection’s Golden Age.” Martin Edwards, author of Mortmain Hall and Gallows Court

“A delightful period romp, neatly sprinkled with the choicest historical detail.” D.J. Taylor, author of Bright Young People

“A gloriously readable slice of historical crime fiction featuring a charismatic amateur sleuth.” Liz Robinson, LoveReading

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