The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories

A story for every day of the year


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ISBN: 9780745945965

Format: Paperback

Extent: 416 pages

Dimensions: 210mm(length) 147mm(width)

Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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One of Lion Hudson’s most successful international best-sellers, The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories tells the Bible narrative in detail and depth. As well as all the well-known Bible stories, it includes sections that most children’s Bibles do not have space for: poetry, prophets, New Testament letters, etc. The result is a very readable and very thorough children’s Bible – with an episode for every day of the year.

Meet the author: Ms Mary Batchelor

Mary Batchelor is the author of The Lion Book of Children’s Prayers and The Children’s Bible in 365 Stories.

Meet the author: Mr John Haysom

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