The Blockbuster Bible

Behind the scenes of the Bible Story


ISBN: 9780745977799

Publication date: September 20, 2019

Format: Hardback

Extent: 160 pages

Dimensions: 260mm(length) 215mm(width)

Imprint: Lion Children's Books

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Lights, Camera, Action…! Join 3D Freddie and Popcorn Sally for the Bible story, retold as never before.

Meet the Bible’s best-loved characters through scripts and storyboards, movie posters and social media, acceptance speeches, and interviews with the stars.

Discover a wide range of passages from Genesis to Revelation, written in a lively way but staying very close to the original text, complete with cast list, glossary, maps, and timelines.

Follow the scene selection cards as a visual guide through the Bible story, and track the theme cards as the three big storylines unfold.

Use flashbacks and flash-forwards to see how one Bible event links to another.

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Meet the author: Andrew Prichard

Andrew Prichard is an author and teacher living in Oxford. He teaches the Bible to 7-13-year-olds in the classroom, in school assemblies, and on Christian summer camps. Originally set on working in the film industry, he now combines his love for the movies with his love of the Bible story in The Blockbuster Bible and The Blockbuster Bible: The Teacher’s Cut. Andrew is passionate about bringing the Bible to life with simple, clear and visual teaching.

Reviews for The Blockbuster Bible

"Thrilling, engaging, clear and faithful! This is a wonderful book, to help younger Christians understand the Bible better, and also to introduce complete beginners and even sceptics to a book that has profoundly shaped the world we live in. Though written with a younger audience in mind, the combination of clarity and profundity will mean that many adults will hugely benefit from this book. With books like this I often wonder if I'll have to choose between books that look visually great, and books that have really good text. With this book we don't have to choose - it has both. I can't wait for my 10-year old daughter - and many like her - to get a copy and start reading" Matt Searles - Director of Training for the South Central Gospel Partnership

"Two thumbs up! Five stars! Certified Fresh!

It doesn't matter which rating system you use, the Blockbuster Bible is a hit! Its innovative use of colourful graphics and a clever variety of texts draws the reader through the Big Story of the Bible, making it both accessible and compelling. Scripts, storyboards and speeches, just to name a few, are employed to tell the story, and flash-forward/flashback signs point out how one Bible event is linked to another. It's an Oscar winning formula designed to entertain, inform and guarantee repeat viewings for you and your children."

Bob Hartman - Performance storyteller

"A superb overview of the Bible, which tells its overarching story in an engaging and accessible way." Vaughan Roberts, Church Minister and Director

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