The Bible: a history

The making and impact of the Bible


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ISBN: 9780745970332

Publication date: May 15, 2015

Format: Ebook

Extent: 464 pages

Imprint: Lion Books


The Bible has had a profound influence on the diverse cultures of Europe and the British Isles, the Americas, Australia and Africa, and has even left an imprint on Asia. It is a book that has inspired the whole range of human emotion and experience, including some of the finest art and literature. And even in this current age, which often considers itself secular and post-Christian, the Bible remains the biggest seller of all books. This engaging and colourful book explores the life, development and impact of the Bible, from Old Testament times through to the 21st century.

Meet the author: Stephen M. Miller

Stephen M. Miller is a Christian author who specialises in easy-reading Bible reference books – especially for Bible newcomers. His books have sold over a million copies and include The Complete Guide to the Bible and Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible.

Meet the author: Mr Robert V Huber

Robert Huber is a freelance writer who has worked for over twenty years with the Reader’s Digest General Books Division in the USA. He has edited and contributed to a number of books including Jesus and His Times and Who’s Who in the Bible. He is currently completing an MA in Religious Studies.

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