Street Smart

Practical skills for connecting with young people


ISBN: 9780857210715

Publication date: October 19, 2011

Format: Ebook

Extent: 160 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Why is there such a distance between the churches and the young people living around them? How can Christians engage with young people? How can they build relationships? How can they plan and develop their youth ministry? What practical skills do they need? For years John worked on Manchester’s broken down estates, frequently dealing with aggressive, often drugged or drunk teenagers, and has learned the hard way how to diffuse tension, establish contact quickly, maintain boundaries, and also how to develop relationships over time and establish mutual respect.

Meet the author: Mr John Robinson

John Robinson leads the Eden bus ministry, part of The Message in Manchester. He is author of NOBODY’S CHILD and is married to Gillian, a vicar in the Church of England. They have two daughters.

Meet the author: Mrs Jan Greenough

Mrs Jan Greenough is a professional writer, co-author of Nobody’s Child, The Tears of My Soul and Staying Alive. She lives in Oxfordshire.

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