Rediscovering the Reformation


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ISBN: 9780857219060

Publication date: April 19, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 200 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


This book will approach the Reformation from the perspective on last year’s Spring Harvest theme, ‘One in Christ’, and therefore look not at how or why the church split, or whether the church should have split, but from the perspective that the church cannot split because it is Christ’s one body. From this basis, the book will explore themes of Christianity such as the church, attitude to scripture and faith, belief, grace and works seeking wisdom from each of the incarnations of the church that resulted from the disagreements of the sixteenth century.

Meet the author: Matthew Knell

Dr Matthew Knell is the lecturer in historical theology and church history at the London School of Theology, writing and teaching on the history of Christian thought from the Church Fathers to the modern day with a special focus on the medieval period. Prior to this he was a missionary for six years in Belarus and Austria, and also worked as an intercultural consultant.

Reviews for Rediscovering the Reformation

'Originating as a series of lectures to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Matthew Knell's new book reminds us that if we are to be true to the magisterial reformers our own reforming zeal must always be driven by love for the one church of Jesus Christ. It is a timely call to renounce sectarianism, as well as to engage with tradition; not something we evangelicals are very good at.'

Ian Stackhouse, senior pastor at Millmead, Guildford

'Matthew Knell has succeeded in unpicking complex matters of theology and church history with that happy knack of making it look easy. His handling of important themes is impressively sequential, highly informative, almost conversational in manner, and refreshingly free of any uncomfortable bias. Consequently, Rediscovering the Reformation resonates with detail that is logically presented and well worth excavating. Anyone who reads this book will benefit greatly from Matthew Knell's expertise and research, and we should be indebted to him for sharing both so generously. Rediscovering the Reformation can be enjoyed by the serious theologian and the more casual reader - therein lies its beauty.'

Stephen J. Poxon, author of the Through the Year and At the Master's Side devotional series

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