On a Similar Note

More mayhem, mishaps and musings


ISBN: 9780857215772

Publication date: October 15, 2015

Format: Ebook

Extent: 224 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Jonathan Veira is a larger-than-life entertainer, whose career in opera has been matched by his many years as a one-man entertainer, filling some of the UK’s largest auditoriums. Here he brings together some of his hilarious and hair-raising experiences, in a perceptive and compassionate account of working with some of the greatest names in the world of opera. Things, basically, will go wrong if they possibly can, from collapsing organ pipes to kamikaze sheep. Directors have the strangest of bright ideas. The entire theatre is plunged into darkness… situations where the cast’s capacity for improvisation is stretched to its limits. Meanwhile, JV himself is warmly welcomed – even if he is mistaken for Donny Osmond, Ainslie Herriot or Lenny Henry. Jonathan has told his own story in Finding My Voice.

Meet the author: Mr Jonathan Veira

For the last 25 years Jonathan Veira has been a star of the world of opera, handling a wide range of character parts as a comic baritone. A virtuoso musician and delightful raconteur, with skills on keyboard and guitar, he also tours with an extremely popular one man show.

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