Meditations to close the day


ISBN: 9780745981567

Publication date: October 22, 2021

Format: Ebook

Extent: 208 pages

Imprint: Lion Books


Now in its third volume, Reverend Malcolm Duncan’s hugely popular #Niteblessings invites you again to encounter God at the close of each day.

Each of these blessings offers an opportunity to lay down the burdens of the day and meaningfully engage with the Holy Spirit. Simply written, yet profound, moving and insightful, this book will renew and strengthen you for your daily walk with God.

Meet the author: Malcolm Duncan

Rev Malcolm Duncan F.R.S.A. is Lead Pastor at Dundonald Elim Church, a Pentecostal church located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Malcolm is the author of Amazon bestselling #Niteblessings and its follow-up More #Niteblessings. He is the Chair of Elim’s Ethics and Public Theology Task Force and Theologian-in-Residence for Spring Harvest and Essential Christian. Malcolm regularly helps the British government and other groups to understand the role of church in society. He is deeply committed to serving the poor and excluded. Malcolm is a passionate communicator and he has regularly written, broadcast, taught and lectured on the themes of mission and Christian engagement with society. 

Reviews for #Niteblessings

“God’s loving grace. Beautifully written and wonderfully presented. I cannot recommend this book more to those of deep faith, new faith, or little faith.” Rev Cris Rogers, All Hallows Church Bow, and Chair of Spring Harvest

“#Niteblessings goes far beyond a simple nightly read. Sometimes we forget just how much encouragement we need; this book is filled with simple reminders that we are never left alone.” Christy Wimber, author, former head pastor, and international speaker

“Wonderful, inspiring, and encouraging nightly blessings that help us all to finish our day in the right way. I’m grateful for this gem of a book and pray it will bless many.” Gavin Calver, CEO, Evangelical Alliance

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