Meditations for the end of the day


ISBN: 9780745980607

Publication date: November 23, 2018

Format: Hardback

Extent: 160 pages

Dimensions: 160mm(length) 103mm(width)

Imprint: Lion Books


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"For some time now, I have been writing a simple blessing each day. I share it with those who are connected to me on social media. My friends, family and those who journey with me through these avenues have often commented that they would like to see them in a little book that you could carry with you on holiday, or leave by your bedside. I pray they will be used by God to bless you, to bless others and to somehow, in a small way, build confidence in Almighty God. You can dip into them or use them on a daily basis. Whatever works for you.
Whether you are already a follower of Jesus, or you are just exploring Who He is and what He does, I pray these little blessings will help you."

Meet the author: Malcolm Duncan

Rev Malcolm Duncan F.R.S.A. is Lead Pastor at Dundonald Elim Church, a Pentecostal church located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Malcolm is the author of Amazon bestselling #Niteblessings and its follow-up More #Niteblessings. He is the Chair of Elim’s Ethics and Public Theology Task Force and Theologian-in-Residence for Spring Harvest and Essential Christian. Malcolm regularly helps the British government and other groups to understand the role of church in society. He is deeply committed to serving the poor and excluded. Malcolm is a passionate communicator and he has regularly written, broadcast, taught and lectured on the themes of mission and Christian engagement with society. 

Reviews for #Niteblessings

"I have been constantly impressed that Malcolm hears the heartbeat of our loving heavenly Father, and then expertly weaves words of prayer, reflection, honesty, and heart cry into #niteblessings. They capture our emotions (sometimes happy, sometimes sad), and in that special moment cause us once again to reflect on His faithfulness, steadfastness, grace, and love.

Perhaps I should not be surprised, but as I read each one it seems they arrive at just the right time and say just the right thing for that particular day or moment. I have often found myself forwarding a #niteblessing to someone in need.
I recommend you read this book and allow God to speak to you, encourage you, refresh you, and recharge you as God blesses you through each #niteblessing." Martin Pearson, pastor, Stroud Christian Fellowship

"Over the past six months our family has been through both joy and suffering, sometimes in the same everyday moments. The niteblessing has been a compass that last thing at night keeps us set on the course that takes us closer to the heart of God's love and a peace that passes all understanding." Gill Beardmore, lay minister

"I remember first receiving Malcolm's niteblessings at the end of Spring Harvest evening celebrations and was then delighted when Malcolm then started writing these on social media. They have been a source of comfort, strength, and healing for me, friends, and family.

It's great to now have a book with these blessings in. I look forward to sharing them in my ministry and will continue to use them in my devotions." Rev Karen Hilsden, Methodist minister

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