Monsters, Mice and Mercy

A life redeemed from abuse


ISBN: 9780857214461 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780857214461

Publication date: August 23, 2013

Format: Paperback

Extent: 288 pages

Dimensions: 198mm(length) 130mm(width)

Imprint: Monarch Books


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Jenny-May Hudson grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, the third child of an Afrikaner father and a British mother. Her childhood was horribly marred by her domineering father, who beat her mother, showered blows and insults on his children, and micro-managed the household with weapons, mind-games, and violence. Ironically, his tactics would come back to haunt him. The years of pain would leave Jenny-May with grim memories. Yet through the power of Christ a transformation was in store. Today Jenny-May is whole and happy. She and her husband Elmore, and their three children, have relocated to Perth, Australia. Jenny-May has developed a considerable speaking ministry, and her journey – from abuse to self-acceptance and joy – has become a source of inspiration to thousands. This book demonstrates that nothing can hold you captive without your consent.

Meet the author: Mrs Jenny-May Hudson

Jenny-May and her husband and family live in Australia, where Jenny has an increasing speaking ministry.

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