Making Fruitful Disciples

Key biblical principles for helping people mature as Christians


ISBN: 9781854249579

Publication date: June 25, 2010

Format: DVD video

Dimensions: 2mm(length) 128gr(width)

Series: Freedom in Christ Course

Imprint: Monarch Books

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A double DVD set to train Christian leaders and youth leaders – essential for churches to get the most out of the Freedom in Christ course. Lasts approx six hours. Filmed in front of live audience * Introduces biblical principles involved in making fruitful disciples and shows how to implement them using the FIC Course. * Explains how to help every Christian mature and become fruitful much faster. * Equips people to win the spiritual battle and to take responsibility for their own spiritual development * Includes tips for running the FIC and FIC youth courses, and for linking them with Alpha and other courses

Meet the author: Mr Steve Goss

Steve Goss is Executive Director of Freedom in Christ Ministries International and Freedom in Christ Ministries UK. He presents the FIC course. He has a background in marketing. He is married to Zoe and they have two daughters.

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