Local Legend

Death bonded them. Life divided them.


ISBN: 9781782642787 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9781782642787

Publication date: November 22, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 272 pages

Imprint: Lion Fiction


Why had Adi, Graham’s oldest friend, ignored him, and why had he seen him in the company of an American businessman reputed to be involved with the Mafia? Graham begins asking questions. He visits the Sports Centre Adi founded and quickly learns that the charity is on the verge of closing down. A firm of lawyers is trying to take it over and a name is mentioned – Rocco Lonza – the same business man Graham saw with Adi.

Convinced that something is very wrong, Graham is determined to work out what has happened to his friend and quickly discovers Adi is in well over his head. Will he be able to save his friend’s life again?

Meet the author: Mr Paul Trembling

Paul Trembling was born in England in 1957 and has been making up stories for as long as he can remember. Whilst following a varied career path – seamen, storeman, janitor, missionary, administrator and most recently, Crime Scene Investigator – he continues to dream up plots, characters, and scenes. Some became sketches, some short stories, some novels. Most are still waiting for their chance to get out of his head! Paul’s Lion Fiction titles include: Local PoetLocal Artist, and Local Legend.

Reviews for Local Legend

"A compelling mystery told with an extraordinary insight into the heights and depths of human nature. Paul Trembling has a gift for making heroes out of ordinary people."

FIONA VEITCH SMITH, author of The Death Beat

"Paul Trembling scores a winning goal with this highly enjoyable mystery, which has more exciting twists and turns than the beautiful game itself."

AMY MYERS, author of the Nell Drury and Tom Wasp crime series

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