Lead On

30 reflections to refresh and re-energize your leadership


ISBN: 9780857218650

Publication date: August 18, 2017

Format: Ebook

Extent: 160 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Leaders know how easy it is in the midst of opportunities, demands and expectations to focus on the activity of leadership and not to spend much time on reflecting on who we are, what we are doing and how to grow as a leader. Taking stock is a crucial step in establishing where we are and what we need to give our attention, so that we are not simply swayed by the clamouring demands around us. As we take stock, our leadership is strengthened, helping us to be effective and to be revitalized, whatever our leadership context. In Lead On, James Lawrence takes leaders on a on a journey of reflection, taking stock of their leadership and seeking ways to move forward and grow. Through thirty reflections, grouped by themes and accompanied by short articles, leaders are given a structured process to work through, considering both the inner and outer life. Each reflection is accompanied by questions to explore and suggested resources to follow up, with a process of prayer and review at the end of each section. Drawing on a wealth of experience and resources from CPAS, this is an approachable yet comprehensive resource for Christian leaders in any sphere.

Meet the author: Rev James Lawrence

Reviews for Lead On

"A superb and wide-ranging resource, which I would recommend to anyone in leadership. James Lawrence has gathered together a large number of leadership pearls over the years, and this book brings many of them together in a series of easily digestible chunks. This is not just a book to be read, but a resource to be engaged with, reflected upon, and returned to regularly." Revd Dr Rob Bewley, Vicar and Mission Leader of Christ the King, Kettering; New Wine Area Network Leader
"This is a brilliant resource for any Christian in a leadership role who wants to take time out and reflect on their inner life. James helpfully combines sharp leadership insights with practical application and spiritual reflection. A must have book for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with Christ and become a healthier leader." Revd Emma Sykes, Leadership Specialist and Missioner
"A great treasure trove of leadership wisdom gained from years of experience. This book has caused me to stop, to think, to reflect, and to take action that has grown my leadership and benefitted the church and the people I serve. Lead On repays careful reading and time spent in reflection - it has given me a good discipline, to read something each day, to stop and take stock - and it didn't take ages to do. I will keep coming back to it for many years to come. I would heartily recommend Lead On to others as a wise guide to encourage you in leadership." Revd Steve Bailey, Vicar of St Paul's, Oadby
"A must read for anyone in Christian leadership with bite sized reminders and challenges helping us to take stock as to whether our leadership is currently in a healthy place. James Lawrence writes clear and helpful reflections with great questions to process and main action points to help maximize development. I am currently working through the material for the third time!" Revd Claire Clarke, Sunbury
"No matter how much input you have received as a Christian leader, giving yourself a leadership MOT every now and then is essential. Lead On will help you to do this, as well as being a hugely valuable toolkit of extra reading, listening, and resources for leadership. It's so easy to forget this stuff in the day-to-day craziness of life and leadership; this book is well worth the investment both in the time, energy, and price tag involved - it will repay you many times over." Revd Mark G Wallace, Vicar of All Saints' Church, Lightwater
"I first read this book at a very busy period in ministry. It brilliantly helped me to regain perspective. At the time, I thought that I'd love to revisit it when on sabbatical. I'm now on sabbatical and find it a fantastic start to each day. It is an immensely practical way to stop and take stock of life and ministry with such helpful insights and tools. Thank you James Lawrence!" Revd James Grier, Leader of Unlimited Church and Diocesan Youth Church Adviser

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