Jane Austen Investigates

The Abbey Mystery


ISBN: 9781782643340 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9781782643340

Publication date: April 23, 2021

Format: Paperback

Extent: 192 pages

Dimensions: 198mm(length) 130mm(width)

Series: Jane Austen Investigates

Imprint: Lion Fiction


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Jane Austen turns detective in this spooky historical adventure by award-winning author Julia Golding!

It’s 1789 and a young Jane Austen turns detective as she seeks to solve the mysterious happenings at Southmoor Abbey. When a carriage accident forces a change of plans, 13-year-old Jane is sent to be a companion to Lady Cromwell for a week as the household prepares to celebrate the eldest son’s coming-of-age party. While there, Jane vows to solve the mystery of the ghostly monk in the Abbey grounds – for she does not believe in such stories!

But this is not the only strange occurrence for the adventurous young Jane to investigate. There are shivery night-time investigations, an Indian girl with secret talents, a library fire, two prize horses in danger, and friends to save from false accusations.

With notebook in hand and her faithful dog Grandison by her side, will Jane overcome the continuous obstacles and find out the truth?

Meet the author: Julia Golding

Multi-award winning author Julia Golding

Julia Golding is a multi-award winning children’s author who has been awarded both the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize. A former British diplomat and Oxfam policy adviser, Golding also has a doctorate in English Literature from Oxford University, and was writer-in-residence at the Royal Institution in 2019. An avid Jane Austen fan, her Jane Austen-themed podcast ‘What Would Jane Do?’ offers a 19th century take on modern life. Golding is the successful author of The Curious Science Quest series, The Tigers in the Tower and the Jane Austen Investigates series.

Reviews for Jane Austen Investigates

‘Clever, playful, and gripping. A real treat for bookworms.’ - Lucy Strange, award-winning author of The Secret of Nightingale Wood

"Julia Golding’s Jane Austen Investigates offers a gripping detective story with an abundance of Easter eggs for Austen fans. Golding gives us a feisty young Jane, who, unfazed by the snobbery she faces, stands up not only for herself but for those on the margins of her late 18th-century world. This is a delightful riff on the wit and irony of Austen’s works; of her wonderful juvenilia, especially.” David Taylor, Associate Professor, Faculty of English, University of Oxford

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