How Not to Totally Put Your Children Off God

A Conversation on Christian Parenting Between a Father and his Sons


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ISBN: 9780857219572

Publication date: April 17, 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 176 pages

Dimensions: 198mm(length) 130mm(width)

Imprint: Monarch Books


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Parenting can be the best or worst of times. It can be a role we love best or one that causes great insecurity. There is no formal training for parenthood. There are no clear benchmarks of success and yet it demands all our resources, skills and attention. Parenting has no blueprint.

This book is the merging of the author’s deep convictions of parenting with examples of both "When it worked" and "When it did not work". He has also elicited the help of his sons to write their perspectives on how their experiences and memories connect (or differ from) his own.

Each chapter has two sections. Section A contains reflections on habits that seemed to work in passing on faith. Section B then reflects on the same habit but from a more critical perspective.
These five chapters come from the author’s experiences as a dad, as a Christian leader and as a theologian. The first section in each chapter marks those habits that he believes in passionately. They are the ‘Do’s’, those habits formed in parenting for faith. They emerged in the business of parenting and have become clearer over life. The second section notes when parenting seemed to go wrong. These are the nightmares that skulk around the edges of a parent’s consciousness, the failures, when high hopes are not realised. However it could be that in these ‘cock ups’ in being a parent are when the actual parenting for faith is really carried out. That at least is the comment made by the three sons commenting on the script.

Meet the author: Mr Howard Worsley

Howard Worsley is the Tutor in Mission at Trinity College in Bristol where he is also the Vice Principal. He is a researcher into children’s spirituality and their early perceptions, a contextual theologian, and an educationalist who publishes regularly for academic journals. He is an author of four books; including: How Not to Totally Put Your Children Off God. 

Reviews for How Not to Totally Put Your Children Off God

“Howard Worsley says it ‘as it is’ for all who would truly risk parenting for faith. He acknowledges immense joy and abject failure while investing hands-on in story, adventure, and prayer alongside his three boys. Eloquently and impressively, their voices of experience tell it ‘as it was’ for them. This is a dangerous book full of possibility, reality, and reflection for those who desire to let God be the parent of their children. Don’t just read it – practice it, if you dare!”  The Rt Revd Peter Hill, Bishop of Barking

'How Not to Totally Put Your Children Totally Off God is more than a book, it is a pearl of great price written by a master storyteller. Howard writes with honesty, vulnerability, imagination and humour. Each chapter is a wellspring of wisdom, insight, and theological reflection that reveals the love of a father for his sons and his God. The contributions of Howard's sons beautifully root the unfolding narrative in the reality of their family life and ongoing journey of faith, enriching the text and the experience of the reader. This is such a timely book for all parents - and especially fathers - who long to encourage their children and grandchildren to follow the ancient way of faith.' Revd Canon Jonathan Triffitt, Rector at Blandford Forum and Langton Long

“Fantastically funny, utterly compelling and honest, Worsley and sons depict what it means for us not to pass on adult faith to children, but to join with God in helping them discover faith for themselves. This book is brilliant for parents but could easily be applied to anyone who works with children and young people.”  Revd Thea Smith, Curate at Christ Church Woking

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