Helping Others Find Freedom in Christ

A practical guide to using The Steps to Freedom in Christ


ISBN: 9781854249586

Publication date: June 25, 2010

Format: DVD video

Dimensions: 2mm(length) 128gr(width)

Series: Freedom in Christ Course

Imprint: Monarch Books

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Double DVD for Christian leaders and youth leaders. Everything you need to know about this pivotal element of the Freedom in Christ course. Lasts approximately six hours. Filmed in front of a live audience. Explains what each Step is and why it matter Why your role is not to fix things but to enable How to set up the appointment and manage it effectively How to help freedom seekers identify faulty beliefs and begin a process of renewing their minds Helps and tips from experienced practitioners

Meet the author: Mr Steve Goss

Steve Goss is Executive Director of Freedom in Christ Ministries International and Freedom in Christ Ministries UK. He presents the FIC course. He has a background in marketing. He is married to Zoe and they have two daughters.

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