God Makes the World


ISBN: 9780745968070 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780745968070

Publication date: October 17, 2014

Format: Ebook

Extent: 32 pages

Each little Bible story in the series is retold in about 500 words with bright and cheerful pictures. The full series comprises: From the Old Testament: God Makes the World 97800745968070, Noah and the Flood 9780745968087, Moses and the Princess 9780745968094, David and Goliath 9780745968100, Jonah and the Whale 9780745968117, Daniel and the Lions 9780745968124. From the New Testament The First Christmas 9780745968179, Jesus and the Fishermen 9780745968131, Jesus and the Prayer 9780745968162, Jesus and the Miracle 9780745968148, The Lost Sheep 9780745968186, The First Easter 9780745968155

Meet the author: Ms Sophie Piper

Sophie Piper is the pseudonym of an in-house author.

Meet the author: Ms Estelle Corke

Estelle Corke has a degree in Graphic Design from Bath College of Higher Education 1992. She works as a freelance illustrator for advertising agencies, packaging and magazine publishers, and can illustrate in all types of media, but since 2001 has concentrated on children’s book illustration, using a rich, painterly style with gouache paints.

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