God Has Seen Us

Diospi Suyana - A Story Shared Around the World


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ISBN: 9780857219459

Publication date: August 23, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 256 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


"You are out of your minds!"

That was the reaction of many when they heard. Klaus and Martina John were planning to build a modern hospital for the Peruvian Indios – without any capital, income, or loans. But the resulting story of Diospi Suyana has become a thriller full of miracles and examples of divine providence.

Since its inauguration in 2007, the adventure has continued as Diospi Suyana has regularly faced danger, corruption, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And yet it continues to grow. The Hospital of Hope has been the subject of 500+ media reports around the world. The unexpected twists and turns in its history has fascinated millions.

Meet the author: Dr Klaus-Dieter John

Dr Klaus-Dieter John studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon. He and his wife Dr Martina John, a pediatrician, have dedicated their lives to the establishment of the hospital in Peru.

Reviews for God Has Seen Us

"The story of the Diospi Suyana hospital is a remarkable example of what can happen when people take God seriously."

John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

"The hospital built by faith."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

"God opened the most impossible doors and Dr John walked right through them."

Herman Bailey, TV Presenter, CTN Tampa, USA

"Diospi Suyana is proof that miracles exist."

Correo Semanal, Peru

"A story of medicine, money, and miracles."

Stephen Nolan, Radio Presenter, BBC 5

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