God and John Point the Way


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ISBN: 9780745979502

Publication date: January 21, 2022

Format: Ebook

Extent: 96 pages

From the moment an angel appears to the priest Zechariah in Jerusalem’s Temple to announce that his wife Elizabeth would bear a son, this marks out John for a special purpose.

Through his childhood he is brought up studying the Hebrew scriptures and the prophets’ words about God’s chosen one, his cousin Jesus. On the banks of the river Jordan, his work begins preparing people’s hearts and baptizing them with water. How will the people respond to him? When will he meet his cousin and know if he was right about who Jesus is? 

This is an epic story of great faith and a life dedicated to fulfil God’s purpose.


Meet the author: Mr Steve Eggleton

Steve Eggleton was born in Kent, and the grew up in Suffolk and then Hampshire. Steve’s first books for children were presented in the form of illuminated manuscripts. More recently, he has been writing for older children, re-telling the inspirational stories of God’s heroes of faith. He is the author of God and Noah Save the World, God and John Point the Way, and Brother Egbert’s Christmas.

He studied art and design at Portsmouth, after which, he moved to Norfolk with his wife Gill and their young family. There he has worked as an artist, sculptor and teacher, and has renovated the Tudor farm-house, which is their home. He keeps a small herd of Dexter cattle, and a few chickens. Steve has a passion to share his Christian faith with children and young people.

For many years, he and his wife have run a weekly club to share the wonderful stories of the Bible with local children. Over the past ten years or so, Steve and his wife Gill have been heading up the Via Beata project to establish a trail of Christian art-works across the U.K. from East to West. (See www.viabeata.co.uk)

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