George Whitefield

The First Transatlantic Revivalist


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ISBN: 9780745980287

Publication date: June 21, 2019

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George Whitefield proclaimed the Christian message to more people in history than anyone else, before or since, who spoke with an unaided voice. A preacher of revival almost from his childhood, when he prophesied his own destiny, he had a profound impact on the social, religious and political life of both Britain and America. He crossed the Atlantic thirteen times, and merged as a celebrity figure, whose message captivated both rich and poor alike.
Whitefield heralded a new kind of revival that was both spiritually powerful and entertaining at the same time. He was also a man of contradictions. He loved the Anglican liturgy but would happily break canon law. He was a devoted Puritan yet he was also able to befriend those with more liberal morals,
Above all, Whitefield was a driven man, and his overwhelming passion was to preach New Birth in Christ – the theme he was to speak on over a thousand times. He valued education, opposed slavery, cared for orphan children and changed the course of both British and American history.

Meet the author: Dr Nigel D Scotland

Nigel Scotland is Field Chair in the School of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Gloucestershire. His most recent publications include Sectarian Religion in Contemporary Britain (2000), Good and Proper Men: Lord Palmerston and the Bench of Bishops (2000), and Charismatics and the New Millennium (2000).

Reviews for George Whitefield

"In a compelling and skilful way, Scotland demonstrates that the genius of Whitefield's contribution to revival is founded upon holding the creative tension between religious practices that later revivalists would prize apart. Extempore prayer is nourished by liturgical traditions and the call to repentance finds its goal in the reception of Holy Communion. This is a fascinating and revealing study of one of the great founding fathers of revivalism."

Canon Dr James Steven, academic dean and coordinator, Centre for Liturgy and Worship, Sarum College

"In his new biography of George Whitefield, Nigel Scotland shows how the eighteenth-century revivalist was one of the most effective preachers of the Christian gospel in world history."

Prof David Bebbington, professor of history, University of Stirling

"George Whitefield is the subject of renewed scholarly interest at the present time, with a regular stream of new books appearing. Whitefield, the 'Elect Methodist', was one of the founders of the evangelical movement in the mid-eighteenth century, and for a time his itinerant preaching made him the most famous figure in the North Atlantic World. This book gives readers an introductory taste of the man and his ministry."

Dr David Ceri Jones, reader in early modern history, Aberystwyth University

"An engaging introduction to the life and ministry of one of the most influential eighteenth-century revivalists. While Whitefield was undoubtedly a man of action - justifiably famous for his dramatic, extemporaneous preaching - Nigel Scotland helpfully presents "the Grand Itinerant" as an astute, practical theologian. This book is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to become better acquainted with one of evangelicalism's 'founding Fathers'."

Dr Ian Maddock, senior lecturer in theology, Sydney Missionary and Bible College

"Nigel Scotland presents a comprehensive survey of George Whitefield's exceptional life and ministry, combining established sources with his own research, resulting in this salient critique of Whitefield's influence on ecclesiastical, political, and cultural spheres. Most compelling is this contemporary portrayal of Whitefield, which accentuates his frailties, his Holy Spirit anointing, and his sheer resilience; impacting extraordinary numbers and vast geographical territory as a catalyst for revival. As a skilled historian, Scotland fuses biography and theology, producing this thoroughly inspiring and commendable read."

Revd Dr Tim Welch, director of studies at Bristol Baptist College

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