First Steps to living with Digestive Problems


ISBN: 9780745970424 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780745970424

Publication date: June 17, 2016

Format: Ebook

Extent: 96 pages


Digestive problems can come in many guises, from difficulties in swallowing, through the stomach, to constipation, wind, IBS and beyond. In this handy introductory guide, GP and author Simon Atkins explains the issues in layman’s language. He covers both what we can do for ourselves, and when we need to call on professional help. As digestive problems become more widespread and more acute – often fuelled by stress, obesity, lack of exercise and poor health – we all need to know what to do and when.

This book covers food intolerance, medical treatments, what to be concerned about, dietary treatments, therapy and more.

Meet the author: Dr Simon Atkins

Dr Simon Atkins is a busy GP. He also specializes
in covering health issues in the media both on
TV and radio and in books, newspapers, and
magazines. He is the author of numerous books including of First Steps to living with Dementia and First Steps out of Smoking (Lion Hudson).

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