First Steps through the Menopause


ISBN: 9780745957050 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780745957050

Publication date: June 22, 2012

Format: Ebook

Extent: 96 pages

Every woman who reaches middle age faces the menopause, but many do so with only the minimal amount of information – as well as a lot of myths. Are we condemned to have the same kind of menopause as our mothers did? Is it always a grim experience? Do we have to put on weight? Will our sex lives be effectively over?

In this accessible, clear and straightforward guide, Catherine Francis explains what the menopause is, how it may affect you, and what to do if it does. From diet to exercise, conventional medicine to alternative remedies, First Steps through the Menopause is a short but comprehensive introduction to this important stage in a woman’s life.

Meet the author: Ms Catherine E Francis

Catherine Francis has worked for 18 years as a journalist and sub-editor, specialising in slimming and women’s health issues. She has had hundreds of articles published, many on these issues.

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