First Steps out of Weight Problems


ISBN: 9780745958743 Categories: ,

ISBN: 9780745958743

Publication date: February 17, 2012

Format: Ebook

Extent: 96 pages

First Steps Out Of Weight Problems is a back-to-basics guide packed with practical advice for anyone struggling with their weight. You’ll learn to calculate how many pounds you should lose (or gain) for good health, and discover the facts about why weight gain occurs and how you can reverse it. The book explains different approaches to slimming, and their pros and cons, and you’ll learn how, by understanding how your body works, you can achieve a healthy size through simple changes to your diet and activity levels. There are also clever tips for boosting your weight loss, tried-and-tested strategies for maintaining your motivation, and advice for keeping the extra pounds off for good, plus lots of helpful tips from successful slimmers who’ve achieved their goal weight.

Meet the author: Ms Catherine E Francis

Catherine Francis has worked for 18 years as a journalist and sub-editor, specialising in slimming and women’s health issues. She has had hundreds of articles published, many on these issues.

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