Disciple, Leader’s Guide

Life. Freedom. Purpose.


ISBN: 9780857216984

Publication date: July 15, 2016

Format: Paperback

Extent: 352 pages

Dimensions: 198mm(length) 130mm(width)

Series: Freedom in Christ Course

Imprint: Monarch Books

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Across the Western world, young adults are turning their back on the Church. Most now have no real grounding in Christianity and in just one generation the number of young adults in church has halved. Whilst these so-called ‘millennials’ (those born from the 1980s onwards) may have turned their back on what they perceive as the hypocrisy of organized religion, they hunger for authenticity and spirituality. They want direction and meaning. When they see Jesus for who He is, they find Him infectious. This generation isn’t missing without hope; it’s lost and looking for life’s true path and purpose! Nearly every church leader will tell you that reaching the millennial generation is top of their priorities – but they don’t have the resources they need. disciple is our response to that. It is a 10-session multi-media small group course that communicates the life-changing message of Freedom In Christ to the millennial generation in their own language. Based on the best-selling Freedom In Christ Course by Neil T. Anderson and Steve Goss, it will help them take hold of their freedom, know who they are in Christ, resolve spiritual issues, and be transformed. It will equip you to help young adults understand their mandate and become radical disciples of Jesus whose lives count for eternity. Course consists of: Leader’s Guide: 978-0-85721-698-4, [12.99 Workbook: 978-0-85721-701-1, [7.99 Workbook (Pk 5): 978-0-85721-702-8, [35 DVD: 978-0-85721-700-4, [70

Meet the author: Mr Steve Goss

Steve Goss is Executive Director of Freedom in Christ Ministries International and Freedom in Christ Ministries UK. He presents the FIC course. He has a background in marketing. He is married to Zoe and they have two daughters.

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