Dancing for the Devil

One woman's dramatic and divine rescue from the sex industry


ISBN: 9780857216519

Publication date: May 15, 2015

Format: Ebook

Extent: 400 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Anny Donewald had a seemingly charmed childhood as the daughter of a top basketball coach. Then, when she was thirteen, one of her father’s players began to abuse her, setting her on a path of self-destruction which led ultimately into the explosive world of the sex industry. After Anny competed in an amateur night at a strip club, she found herself sucked into the subculture of drugs, money, and prostitution, dancing in Las Vegas and Chicago’s hottest sex venues. But the fantasy of fistfuls of hundred-dollar bills quickly turned into the reality of bloodstains on bathroom floors, during nights with clients in luxurious hotels. At an emotional breaking point, pondering the termination of her unborn son, Anny reached the gates of her personal hell. The atheist did the unthinkable, and cried out to God. This captivating memoir reveals how women from all walks of life can find themselves trapped in the sex trade and illustrates that God loves them no matter what. Dancing for the Devil is a heart-breaking and fascinating story of darkness, grace, and ultimately, the healing power of love.

Meet the author: Ms Anny Donewald

Anny Donewald now runs Eve’s Angels, a ministry reaching women caught up in the sex industry.

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