Crinkles: God creates the world


ISBN: 9781781283974

Publication date: September 17, 2021

Format: Rag book

Extent: 6 pages

Dimensions: 185mm(length) 190mm(width)

Series: Crinkles

Imprint: Candle Books

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Have interactive fun with baby and very young children introducing three popular Bible stories with its rustling and sounds to make.

This simple and colourful tactile cloth book is perfect for sharing during storytime to encourage chatting about all the stars, plants, and animals that God has made, Adam and Eve, and God saving Noah and the ark full of animals. An exciting book for story time for little hands to spot things and explore. 

The Crinkles series of cloth books have an irresistible crinkling sound to stimulate active senses in the developmental steps from birth.


Meet the author: Monica Pierazzi Mitri

Monica Pierazzi Mitri is a talented author and illustrator. Her range of work is very wide and various, from toddler and fiction books, to didactic illustrations for kids and teenagers to non-fiction, anatomic and medical-surgical. Monica graduated with a specialist degree in “Etching Techniques and Artistic Anatomy” at the Art Academy in Venice. 

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