Christian Faith in the Byzantine and Medieval Worlds


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ISBN: 9781912552290

Publication date: March 22, 2019

Format: Ebook

Extent: 270 pages

Imprint: Lion Scholar


This is an accessible two-part introduction to key periods of Christian history.

Faith in the Byzantine World

For many people the Byzantine world is an intriguing mystery. Here, Mary Cunningham presents readers with an ideal guide to this most fascinating of empires. Covering the period between 330 and 1453, the author begins by providing an outline of the history of the Byzantine Church, and then looks at key aspects of its outward expression, including the solitary ideal; holy places and holy people; service to the community; the nature of belief; and art, architecture and icons.

Faith in the Medieval World

The medieval period constituted a turbulent stage in religious history. Gillian R. Evans begins her immersive account by providing an overview of the development of Christianity in the West in the Middle Ages, before looking at key aspects of medieval faith: the Bible and belief; popular piety and devotion; the Crusades and the idea of ‘holy war’; politics and the Church; rebellion against authority; and the road to Reformation. This analysis is a must for all those keen to understand one of the most enthralling periods of history.

Meet the author: Mary Cunningham

Meet the author: Dr G. R. Evans

GR Evans lectures in history in the University of Cambridge. Her books include works on Anselm, Augustine, Gregory the Great and Bernard of Clairvaux.

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