Cheeky Pandas: The Bouncy Castle: A Story about Faithfulness


Publication date: May 20, 2022

Format: Paperback

Series: Cheeky Pandas

Imprint: Candle Books

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Join the Cheeky Pandas – CJ, Lulu, Benji, Rory, and Milo – for a fun time on a bouncy castle at their treehouse studio. They all want to bounce on the bouncy castle. CJ promises the others a chance to bounce, but first she wants another turn. CJ imagines herself as queen of the castle, but can she be faithful like the best queens, kings, and rulers? How do Lulu, Benji, Rory, and Milo end up in the bushes? Will CJ keep her promise and look out for the other Cheeky Pandas?

Based on the free online animation, Cheeky Pandas® The Bouncy Castle encourages children to think about faithfulness and how this can be shown to others. Find out more about Cheeky Pandas® at

Meet the author: Pete James

Pete James is the creator of Cheeky Pandas and Swell Revolution. Pete is constantly writing songs, stories, scripts, jingles or story boarding the next video resource. He has gathered a top team of freelance music producers, illustrators and videographers, who he works with to create the material.

Meet the author: Paul Kerensa

Paul Kerensa is an award-winning writer of TV, radio, books and his own stand-up comedy. He is the author of Hark! The Biography of Christmas — an enlightening sleigh ride through festive history. Paul is part of the British Comedy award-winning writing team for BBC’s Miranda and the Rose d-Or Award-winning writing team for BBC1’s Not Going Out. He’s written for cult shows like C4’s TFI Friday and BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show and Dead Ringers, as well as mainstream hits like BBC’s Top Gear, Buble at the BBC and the BBC Music Awards.

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