Blood Brothers


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ISBN: 9781782643135

Publication date: October 23, 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 320 pages

Dimensions: 198mm(length) 130mm(width)

Imprint: Lion Fiction


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"Cowan spins an engrossing, suspenseful yarn in which spiritual themes are noticeably more prominent than in a regular thriller." The Herald

Newly married, David Hidalgo is reconnecting with his friends and congregation but something’s wrong. The sons of downstairs neighbours Ali and Ayeesha are missing, and it looks as though they’re planning a terror act in Spain. To make matters worse, their daughter, Samira, has a Christian boyfriend and now wants to convert.

Once again, David Hidalgo finds himself in the middle of an unexpected crisis. Can he help a confused girl, unsure of her identity? Can he find the boys and prevent a tragedy?

Meet the author: Les Cowan

Les Cowan has lived in Madrid, Edinburgh and Galicia all of which are locations brought to life in writing his suspenseful David Hidalgo series. He studied English Language and Literature and has worked in the criminal justice system. Les is a member of the Crime Writers Association. 

Reviews for Blood Brothers

"Les Cowan is daring in engaging with controversial and complex themes that are patiently rooted in the familiar and recognizable. This makes his stories not just exciting but credible and engaging. The chaotic and problematic worlds that surround David Hidalgo, inevitably caused by his ridiculous insistence on doing the right thing, give us pause for thought, if not his accidental hero." G.J. Martin, author of The Orcadian Trilogy

"A powerful exploration of how ordinary people can get caught up in extremism. Blood Brothers is a truly thrilling novel with a profound insight into family love and religious hate." Fiona Veitch Smith, author of the Poppy Denby Investigates series

"Exciting and thoughtful… and also gentle probing of how faith and conscience work in the face of obsession. Runcie’s Grantchester has a rival in Edinburgh with a hero unlike our friend Rebus." Press and Journal Saturday magazine

"Another cracker from Cowan… pacey and relentless… The author has found a rich seam of crime fiction." Scots Magazine review of Sins of the Fathers

"I enjoyed this book and Cowan’s previous stories because his plots are credible and his characters are real people. Hidalgo’s faith is also real and expressed in challenging situations… Enjoy a good read." Premier Christianity magazine

"…strongly recommended to all crime thriller fans… very easy to get into and follow." Bookread2day

"An intricately plotted thriller; atmospheric and intriguing.” Margaret Kirk, author of Shadow Man and What Lies Buried

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