After The Heavy Rain

Khmer Rouge killed his family. He tracked them - but not for revenge:


ISBN: 9780857214157

Publication date: March 7, 2013

Format: Ebook

Extent: 192 pages

Imprint: Monarch Books


Thirteen of Reaksa Himm’s immediate family, including both his parents, were executed by the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot. The young killers marched them from the remote northern village to which they had been exiled, out into the jungle. One by one the machetes fell. Severely wounded, Reaksa was covered by the bodies of his family. His remarkable story of survival is told in ‘The Tears of My Soul’. In this second book he describes how he tracked down his family’s killers, one by one, embraced them, gave them a scarf of friendship and presented each with a Bible. He has also funded and had built a clinic, school and five churches in the area. This is an astonishing tale of the consequences of spiritual rebirth.

Meet the author: Mr Sokreaksa S. Himm

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