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All titles distributed through Marston can be purchased through good bookshops, but they can also be ordered directly from Marston's Direct Sales department.

Direct Sales contact information:

Tel: +44 (0) 1235 465 577

Email orders to

Email enquiries to

ALL UK, Ireland and Export Orders (excluding the USA and Canada) are managed by Marston Book Services

Marston customer services:

To increase the efficiency of their service, if you know your account number and the ISBN of the title you wish to order, please have these ready when you call.

SPCK represents Lion Hudson Limited to the book trade in the UK and Ireland. For new title information, sales promotion information, the consignment programme or other sales related enquiries contact your existing SPCK representative, or: SPCK Sales Department, 020 7592 3900,

UK Christian Trade Orders
Christian Orders
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 465579
Fax: +44 (0) 1235 465518

UK General Trade Orders
Email trade orders to
Email trade enquiries to
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 465576
Fax: +44 (0) 1235 465555

Export Orders from the UK (excluding the USA and Canada)
Email export orders to
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 465575
Fax: +44 (0) 1235 465555

Trade Orders in the USA/Canada book trade & institutional accounts are supported by Independent Publishers Group. Any sales queries concerning stock shipped to USA/Canadian locations can be sent to:

Key contact: Michael Riley, Vice President, Sales

Located at: IPG, 814 N. Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60610, USA.


Telephone: +1 (312) 337-0747

Author Orders submitted on the appropriate form can be sent to The author order form can be downloaded here.


Please contact Lion Hudson Rights regarding English language books held in stock or in downloadable form in any territory:

Key Contact: Vanessa Norman, Rights Manager

Key contact: Olivia Thompson, Rights Executive

Located at: Rights Department, Lion Hudson Limited, Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Business Park, Banbury Road OXFORD United Kingdom OX2 8TA

Telephone: +44 (0)1865-302750

Rights Information

Lion Hudson owns or manages foreign language and other subsidiary publishing rights for most of the titles on our website. Our rights information brochure is produced twice a year featuring some forthcoming books. The latest versions can be downloaded from here .

Translation Rights and Co-edition Services

Lion Hudson offers a complete co-edition printing service for colour and illustrated books to foreign language publishing partners. If you are interested in collaborating on co-edition printings or acquiring publishing rights for a foreign language for any of our titles, please contact the rights team.

Ebook and Audio Book Rights

Lion Hudson Limited publishes most English language editions in ebook form and some English language books in audio book form. The foreign language rights for ebook and audio book can be sub-licensed as part of a language translation license agreement.

Sub-rights: Large Print, Film, Television & Other Rights

For most books, Lion Hudson Limited owns or manages other subsidiary rights for example large print, film & television adaptation or magazine serial rights. Interested parties seeking a license should contact the rights team expressing interest.

Reselling Rights for Publisher Clients

Lion Hudson offers a unique representation and co-edition service for Christian children’s book publishers seeking to license foreign language rights for their colour illustrated or photographic books to a network of international Christian publishing partners. Please send any enquiries about this service to the rights team and include a link to your catalogue.


Lion Hudson sells English language editions around the world through several long-term distribution partners.

Our UK distributor is: Marston

Our USA and Canada distributor is: IPG UK/Export trade & institutional accounts wishing to place stock orders should contact Lion Hudson’s UK based distributor and customer enquiries should be sent to Marston Book Services Ltd. For Marston's contact details, please see their customer service page here .

Christian Orders: Tel: +44 (0) 1235 465579; Email:

UK & Ireland Book Trade Orders: Email:

Customers outside the UK & Ireland: Email:
Postal address: 160 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Oxfordshire OX14 4SB

Bookshops/suppliers of books wishing to open an account with Marston , please contact:
UK customers: Charlotte Keen UK, Credit Control Manager, Tel: +44 (0)1235 465589; Email:
Overseas customers: Nick Woods, Finance Manager, Tel: +44(0)1235465590; Email:

USA/Canada trade & institutional accounts wishing to place stock orders should contact Lion Hudson’s US-based distributor, Independent Publishers Group (Trafalgar Square Press/Chicago Review Press). IPG's contact information can be found here .
Customer Service department Tel: +1 (800) 888-4741;
Postal address: 814 N. Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610, USA

Worldwide non-stock printed books: can be ordered from Ingram Content Group through Ingram iPage.

Worldwide ebooks are supplied to a variety of ebook resellers primarily through IPG distribution to ebook retailers including Amazon’s Kindle Store, Google Play Books and Apple Books.

Lion Hudson website orders are fulfilled by Norwich Books and Music. Contact information can be found here.

Publisher Clients

Lion Hudson collaborates with a select group of publishers, representing and distributing their books and resources.

Christian Education
Kregel Publications
RE Today Services


Lion Hudson owns publishing rights for most of the titles on our website and offers a complete co-edition service for colour and illustrated books. Ebook rights are also available for the majority of our titles. If you are interested in co-editions or purchasing rights to any of our titles please contact the International Sales Department by email at

Permissions Requests

If you would like to apply for permission to reproduce material from Lion Hudson Limited, please apply for permissions using the PLS Clear website.

Permissions requests are still to be sent via PLS Clear although the following information below might be relevant to you in this exceptional time.

Due to the very high volume of permissions requests during the Covid 19 situation we are unable to respond promptly to requests, so we ask that you read the following guidelines to authors and to the requestors for the video permission requests for schools and churches.

If your request fits this criteria we ask that an email with the following information is sent to the permissions email at Lion Hudson:

Your email should state :

Title of the book, Author, Illustrator, Church name or School name, contact person’s email,
‘use as per the guidelines issued by Lion Hudson during the Covid 19 situation April 2020’.

A one line response of ‘Granted’ or ‘Declined’ will then be sent to you after we have made contact with the author as needed.
Please excuse the brevity of the response!

We are allowing no more than 10% of a title to be used across the videos made (not 10% of a title for each video).
The videos need to be made for private use only (i.e. churches can only share the videos they make of the content from the books within their congregation by email, not upload to YouTube or a website).
The video content using our titles must not be created for any commercial use.
The videos must be of reading out the text only, please do not show the illustrations.
The videos must include the copyright line from the book (Text copyright © … etc.) and have 'Used with permission from Lion Hudson'.
The videos can be distributed for a period of 6 months, after this they must be deleted.
The emails containing the videos sent out to the congregation need to include a link to where the book is on our website’

Book Fairs

Lion Hudson will be exhibiting at the following book fairs. For appointments please email the International Sales Department at

Book Industry events
The London Book Fair
Bologna Children's Book Fair
Frankfurt Book Fair

Christian events
Christian Resources Together
New Scientist Live
Spring Harvest
New Wine
Keswick Convention

Other events
New Scientist Live